Belinda Womack: Lessons from the twelve Archangels

(Global Heart | Esther Haasnoot) The 12 Archangels specialize in seeing the big picture. They can see how manifesting your request affects all of humanity. Often, the angels are called to orchestrate and synchronize miracles so all God’s Creation benefits from each gift of divine grace and let you know they are here, walking with you, boosting your spirits, and whispering, “We love you and we know you can do it.”

“Every difficulty is actually an opportunity to learn”

An Interview with Belinda Womack together with the 12 Archangels of the central sun about their new book: Lessons from the twelve Archangels

The 12 archangels answers are channeled by Belinda Womack

Esther Haasnoot: What is the connection between source, intimate relationship, and our development?

Belinda Womack: Your primary and most intimate relationship is the relationship that you have with the child that lives within you. This child is a doorway to your higher self as well as to your subconscious. You see you are the creator of your reality human being, and so if you can accept that very often it is the subconscious that is creating this reality up to 90% of the time. It is so important for you to have this into-me-see intimate relationship with the child that lives within you, for he or she opens the doorway to your subconscious, so that forgiveness and healing can come in and you can create a far better experience. Now, we realize that this is likely not the question that Esther is asking. We often will answer a question that goes deeper than the one asked.

You see, you must have truly the intention to develop intimacy with yourself before you can really have an intimate relationship with another. And if you can understand that that close relationship with another human being works as a mirror reflecting back to you both your Divinity as well as sometimes where you are still wounded in your subconscious. Still wounded in yourself. Then you will allow these relationships that are the closest to be facilitators of healing and growth. Because this is how you develop and how you evolve.

Your ego is the part of you that can feel rejected and accepted by another. So we encourage you to stop the self-rejection and practice unconditional acceptance of yourself. Connect with the child that lives within you, for this is Source. This is God within. Having this be your intention where you refocus your mind, helps your development, helps you to evolve into greater joy and happiness. Which is your Birthright beloved child of God.

Esther Haasnoot: You wrote in your book; “Pets are Nature Angels devoting their lives to assisting humans in the healing of their emotional selves”. Can you tell us in which way? And does this apply to all animals?

Belinda Womack: Pet’s are Angelic beings. And they flood their owners or their humans as we prefer to call them, their human companions, with such pure unconditional love. You see love is the greatest healing power. So as the human companion allows this love to come in which your canine and feline your pet angels are pretty irresistible, then this love goes in and it finds the places within you where love is still missing. For as you open to receiving unconditional love you can do a better job of loving yourself and of loving others. Allow your canine Angel to teach you how to love the child that lives within you and then you can truly know how to love others.

In English dog is God, G O D, spelled backward. Dogs and pups will always reflect back to you your own inner child. So if your puppy or dog is misbehaving it can be a message to you that the child within you is needing your attention. If your kitty cat is demanding that you give her attention. Just know that you two would love some affection. Some petting so that you can purr.

Esther Haasnoot: What is Shabungi and how does this affect our planet?

Belinda Womack: “Shabungi” is just Belinda’s word for negative energy. What does this mean? Well, when human thoughts, when the vibration of these thoughts, the vibration of these feelings, fall down and get wrapped up in fear.

Well, fear is very magnetic. And it can draw to it other negative thoughts and other very low vibrational feelings or emotions. When this is neglected and not transmuted with violet fire, violent fires the energy of your crown chakra that transforms fear back into love, then it creates Shabungi.

Now the earth can absorb Shabungi. Furniture can absorb Shabungi and negative energy. So furniture can do this. People can do this. So how does it affect your planet? Well, it weighs your beautiful planet down. Because Shabungi is fear.

And where there is fear, there is the opportunity to lift up this low vibration. Just with intention color. Love, it all works. Love is the greatest power. And as it is lifted up, or you can just say “I just send this negative energy back to the central sun” or you can imagine that wherever you are, just becomes filled with beautiful violet or white gold shimmering. Love light directly from the central Sun flowing into this environment. Everything feels better. Everything feels lighter.

Esther Haasnoot: Fear breeds complications, chaos, and confusion. which are the most important thought patterns generated by fear and how can we breach them?

Belinda Womack: Lifting up of Shabungi off of your planet helps your planet to restore and breathe and take better care of herself and of her children. Wherever you find Shabungi, whether it is in yourself or outside of you, you will know because you will have difficulty in breathing deeply. It will pull you down. So lift up beautiful human beings. Work with the color purple, your favorite colors, God’s rainbow with the intention to bring love where love is needed. Well, transmute Shabungi and one more thing. light, which is love. And the highest vibrational energy will attract Shabungi to it.

So if you keep your vibration good and clear, you might get slimed every now and then. So stand under the violet fire shower. And allow yourself to be cleared of any negative sticky fear or bits that you have absorbed. We thank you for lifting Shabungi up. For it is true. Love will neutralize it. Love wants to wrap its arms around fear, this means Shabungi, and transform it back into love. This is a Divine Law. So it is always happening on your earth. So where you find Shabungi shower it with love so that it too transforms and becomes love lifting up beautiful schoolroom earth.

Esther Haasnoot: What is the relation between a natural problem solver and a problem maker, from a higher perspective?

Belinda Womack: From our perspective, a “natural problem solver” seeks problems to solve. Very often these are individuals that grew up in chaos in their childhood. And they have very clever Minds. Where the intuitive parts of the brain are very active and well connected to the logical and rational parts of the brain. So the solution of the problem comes in from Spirit. And is interpreted and grounded in a very common-sense way by the logical rational part of the brain. So what we say to the “natural problem solver” is always be willing to give the problems back to Source, back to Spirit. So that you do not have to spend your hour, your day, your week or your life solving the problems for others. Every human being is creating their story. They are creating their drama in order to learn. So truly It is wisest to let them solve their own problems. And for most problems, it is always wisest to give them to the universe. Give them to the Creator. So that the solution and the way forward is just within their own knowing. They see it. They feel it. They know it. And they confidently can move forward with changing the problem into a gift.

Esther Haasnoot: Given this, you wrote: “Now in the age of Heaven on Earth, all beings expand by feeling their feelings and balancing emotion with intellect” Can you tell us more about that?

Belinda Womack: Heaven is a vibration where fear cannot exist. Heaven is a place where there is just love. So if you can understand that on Earth you get to experience fear. So that you know what real love feels like. And you can make the choice to work with the greatest power. The Power of Love. It Is by feeling your feelings and listening to your thoughts that you know where your vibration is. Are you contracted and creating problems for yourself and drawing difficulty to you? Because you are in a place of fear. You see, the law of attraction is always working through you and around you.

So when you are aware of your vibration through knowing what you feel or how you are feeling. Then you can make a choice to shift that vibration. To shift it to the vibration the frequency of pure love. Now, the quickest way to do this is through “Gratitude“. To understand that every difficulty is actually an opportunity to learn. To learn how to breathe. To learn how to let more love in. So that you experience more heaven in your daily life. More heaven on earth.

Now, your intellect is masculine. Your emotion is feminine. Your feelings are actually mental messages interpreting what’s going on for you emotionally. We say that your planet benefits greatly by being in your feminine energy. Because then you know what it is that you need. So that you can receive it from Source. It is so easy for you to be in your intellect and your male mind. And so this is why we say to balance this intellect. Through breathing. Through feeling. Through staying in touch with your emotions. Filling up with the divine feminine. It brings you into a better balance. And helps you to know when you need to bring more heaven in. So that love and joy and peacefulness are your reality from the inside out.

Esther Haasnoot: Planet Earth is moving away from the “old male” and “old female” paradigm. What do you mean by that?

Belinda Womack: We define the old male paradigm as the old crusty ego. This is the old way of doing things by being in control. By comparing yourself to others. By being in judgment. By being in fear. By holding the belief system that fear keeps you safe and that if you control what you believe is yours then you can be safe. And we say that truly, Love is what we’ll have a human being feel safe and secure. So the old male is control, judgment, negativity, fear. Comparing yourself to another. Competing with others so that you can climb the ladder and try to be and more control.

The old female matches in vibration. You can think of her as the wounded subconscious or feelings that pull you down. Such as victim consciousness, self-pity, suffering, misery, pain, grief, and sorrow that you don’t let go off. That you want to hold on to. So drama and all things that just again make you feel like a victim in your life.

Where you find the old male in the old female we say just shower them with love. They are just lower vibrations of fear that need to be returned to the loving light of the central Sun. So that the Divine male- which means clear focus, focused intention, focused manifesting, highest will and clarity- together with the Divine feminine – the ability to receive in straight from source, your heart’s delight, gratitude, unconditional love, healing and excitement for learning and for living your life here on this amazing school rumor.

Esther Haasnoot: How can we create a new world where everyone can live in peace and abundance and how do the angels, who are our guides, assist us?

Belinda Womack: Beautiful Humanity, we say that as you remember and take responsibility for the truth that you are creating your lives. You are creating your experiences and you are drawing to you that which matches your own internal vibration. So to experience a better world you need to pay attention to what’s happening inside of you. Where is love missing? Now, to understand where is love missing inside of you look at what is happening in your everyday life. Do you feel that you have to compromise yourself? Do you feel like you are a slave to your work? Are you unhappy in your relationships? Is our work and life out of balance? Then bring in love and offer up these problems and heartaches to your higher self. This is your soul. And just say; “I am willing”. Call on your guardian angels and call on us the 12 archangels and all of the ascended masters. We are here. It is that when you ask for help your ego begins to identify change for the better. You begin to feel that you are not alone on this journey. That being on schoolroom earth is not a sentence of punishment.

So breathe. Fill up with peace and abundance. Asked to be filled with these vibrations of love in every cell and every atom. For there is a Divine Law; “As above so below as within so without”. Bring into your being that which you desire to experience and where there is fear and suffering and sorrow and old stories of pain. Just release them with your intention. Acknowledge them or they will not leave. But as soon as they are acknowledged, just like these old stories of suffering, send them back to the central sun to the heart of God. And then fill up with more love and peace and abundance. Step-by-step. layer by layer. You will create a new world for you. And this helps the entire human collective experience a new world with you.


About Belinda Womack

Belinda Womack doesn’t just believe in angels. She’s been channeling angelic wisdom to support individuals, couples, and families for over 25 years, and she’s now released a book called Lessons from the 12 Archangels: Divine Intervention in daily life. A scientist by training with dual masters’ degrees in microbiology and environmental science, Belinda J. Womack is a spiritual counselor, an angelic messenger and the creator of an online change your everyday reality to heaven on earth education platform. Visit Belinda Womack online at  for more information.

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