Ho’oponopono and relationships

(OMTimes | Ascending Hearts) The Hawaiian Ho’oponopono technique helps to harmonize and clear negative emotions related to many relationship problems. They are four very simple phrases that will act as a mantra to cure the pain of difficult relationships.

Ho’oponopono – The powerful words that can heal resentments in relationships

Ho’oponopono cure – Does it work? 

This ancient technique is used for emotional harmonization and healing. It’s such a simple technique, it can even look silly and somewhat ineffective. But the reality is that it helps many people, it is worth trying. It costs nothing, and you don’t have to show results to anyone but yourself.

How I do it?

Ho’oponopono’s technique works through the intentional repetition of four powerful phrases, they are:

I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.

I love you.

Thank you

By reciting these phrases over and over, they will cleanse your emotional field, and opening the energetic circle for the healing to take place.  The effects may be felt immediately or gradually, depending on your level of surrender and the severity of the relationship problems you have experienced.

Open your mind and practice

While practicing this technique, it is important to realize and open your mind to the understanding that: what is in your life is your responsibility.

It is appropriate that you accept your responsibility and participation in the face of the conflicting relationship in question. What aspect of the relationship needs to improve, what are the adjectives that you have been giving to that person with whom you relate.

Take responsibility

Look in the mirror and realize your responsibility for this conflict in that relationship – and feel sorry. Tell yourself: I’m sorry. Forgive me.

We know that it is not easy to admit guilt, to be sorry, and to ask for forgiveness. But it is necessary for the healing of emotional hurts. Take your share of responsibility for this disharmony, no matter what it is, we all carry some responsibility for the disharmony of our relationships. Nothing to blame yourself too much, nor do you have the need to wipe out all the guilt, just accept the responsibilities that are yours.

The power of “I love you”

Let go of your criticisms and admit that the other person is human and is made of the same material as you, of the same essence. Basically, everyone has a special side. Regardless of the amount of evil or pathologies that the person may have, deep down, there is a little seed of goodness, that is the essence of the human being, and that is what the phrase I Love You is there for, to germinate this inner goodness. Recognize this, however difficult it may sound and practice the I love you.

Be grateful

Be thankful, sincerely. Be grateful to be able to expand your awareness, to be able to experience an energy of gratitude, generosity, peace, love, and a possibility of transformation in the face of this conflict.

By repeating these 4 phrases with sincerity, and with intention throughout your day, they will cleanse you emotionally, cleanse negative feelings and put your feelings in place, clearing hurts, assuming responsibilities, forgiving, understanding, and being grateful. For this experience.

Those who study and practice the Ho’oponopono technique know that the mantra consists of 4 phrases by Ho’oponopono that summarize the essence of liberating memories:

I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.

I love you.

I am grateful.

The Ho’oponopono technique is very rich in tradition and in its reach; other phrases may help in the cleansing process of devastating memories, and that may benefit us greatly in finding balance and peace of mind.

Ho’oponopono’s phrases that help release painful memories

You don’t necessarily have to say fixed phrases, you can say how your heart inspires you, and your mind tells you, but you can also use some of the suggestions below to help guide your thoughts to perform this cleansing the best way you can.

The healing process becomes easier with practice when we begin, through words, and intentions. To master the Ho’oponopono technique, you have to keep your heart open.

The Ho’oponopono’s sentences below must be combined with a Mantra Technique, so, at the end of each sentence, repeat the mantra:

Divinity, release from me what is in me that is contributing to my problem.

I declare myself at peace with all the people (Sentient Beings) on Earth and with whom I may have outstanding Karmic debts. For that moment and in his time, I declare peace with everyone, everything, at all levels, I release everything in me that doesn’t resonate with peace and contentment.

Divinity clean what is in me that maybe the cause of some conflict or problem on my way to work with others

Although it is difficult for me to forgive someone, I am the one who asks for forgiveness from that person now, for this moment, at all times, since my beginningless time, for everything that I do not find harmonious in my present life.

Divine Creator forgive me and release from me whatever is in me, that is creating this undesirable situation in my life.

For everything that I don’t like in my present life, in my past life, since my beginningless beginning in my work, with everyone, and what’s around me, Divinity, clean in me what is no longer useful for my peace of mind and spirit.

For all that I do not like in my present life, in my past life, in my work and what is around me right now, Divinity, cleanse in me what is contributing to my scarcity.

If my physical body experiences anxiety, worry, guilt, fear, sadness, pain, I pronounce it and think: Memories of my heart, I love you! I am grateful for the opportunity to free you and me.

I declare that for my needs, and to learn to wait without anxiety, without fear, I acknowledge my memories of the heart here at this time.

Ho’oponopono prayer

You can also do the original Ho’oponopono prayer:

“Divine Creator, Mother-Father God I ask your presence at this spiritual aspiration

If I, my family, my relatives, and ancestors had offended you, your family, relatives, and ancestors in thoughts, words, deeds, and actions from the beginning of our creation to the present, we ask your forgiveness and absolution.

Let it be cleansed, purified, released, anoint all memories, undo the blockages, the energies, and dissonant negative vibrations and transmute these unwanted energies into pure light…

And so, it is done”

I’m sorry.

Please forgive me.

I love you.

I am grateful.

Source: OMTimes

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