How to remember our past lives

(OMTimes | Eli Bliliuos) Many religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism, subscribe to reincarnation and approximately one-third of all adult Americans believe in past lives. The idea is that we repeatedly incarnate to address karma and learn and grow as souls from experience.

Connect with your past lives

There are different ways to know about our past lives, but hypnosis is only one way to remember them firsthand. A past life regression is needed to remember our past lives. 

Hypnosis to explore past life memories

The unconscious mind store all our memories and experiences. The memories can be from both in this life and past lives. Hypnotic trance enables clients to remember past lives by accessing the unconscious mind. A hypnotist specializing in past life regression can help guide their patients into a relaxed hypnotic trance. The most significant past life memories will be remembered in almost all cases. The past lives that are directly related to our current incarnation, and can help us now, will come to the surface.

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Limiting relationships

Most of us have had the experience of being drawn to someone when we first meet them. Alternatively, some people we don’t trust intuitively or constantly butt heads with. Past life memories can shed light on why we feel the way we do about certain people. It is common for past life regression clients to identify the characters in their memories as past, or current family members, friends, and romantic partners. For example, a client who always felt uncomfortable with a family member learned that this person had wronged her in a different life. Immediately after the session, she felt differently about this family member, having understood that that was then, and this is now.


In some cases, fears and phobias are triggered by past life experiences. For example, one client could not leave her house during a thunderstorm. During a past life regression, she learned that she was killed in battle during a thunderstorm. Once she understood the source of her fear, she overcame it completely. In another case, a client who feared heights overcame his fear after he realized he had been pushed off a cliff in a past life. A skilled past life regression hypnotist will not only help you to remember past lives but reframe, or let go of, the negative experiences that are impacting you now.


There are many other things that can be learned during a past life session. Soulmates can be identified, and hidden talents can be uncovered. For example, someone who was a musician in a past life may find it easier to learn a new instrument in their current incarnation. Some people learn that they have incarnated with the same soul over and over, primarily as a spouse. Regardless of gender, they are intuitively drawn to one another because they are soulmates.

The ultimate realization

For most people, remembering past lives helps them accept and understand that death is not the end. We all make, what we perceive as mistakes, but we have many opportunities to learn and grow as we reincarnate. Those who fear dying almost always have a different and positive perspective after the regression. One common theme is that clients remember their past lives, which will help them understand something about their current life. Clients get what they need most.

About the author

Eli Bliliuos, the founder of the NYC Hypnosis Center, has facilitated thousands of regressions and considers past life and life between lives regression to be his calling in life. He was trained by the Michael Newton Institute and Dr. Brian Weiss. To learn more about past life regression, click here. In addition, Eli facilitates sessions in New York, Florida, and online. Visit his Facebook Page

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