Kaypacha | Astrology for the Soul | 1 january 2020 | State of the planet address (extended pele report)

(New Paradigm Astrology | Kaypacha) In this Special, Extended Pele Report I discuss what I see as the current state of affairs and what lies ahead. It truly is a new paradigm we are breaking into. This new paradigm is a complete game-changer, more than any of us could have imagined. It is not coming to us in the future, it is here now, in seed form, soon to reveal itself.

Astrology 1 january 2020

I believe that more and more, the way that we see ourselves and the world is the way in which we will experience it. In the video, I mentioned that we can go forward, stay in neutral (and be swept along), or go in reverse (try to recreate the past). Let’s go forward together, a wild ride it will be! Blessings!

The mantra for this week:
Regardless of what the future holds,
I remain centered in my heart.
Giving, receiving, and always believing,
It’s been about love from the start.


Source: Tom Lescher

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