Relationships in the new paradigm

(OMTimes | Jenny Griffin)  As we continue to shift into the incoming energies, one of the biggest changes taking place is to underlying structures.

Relationships in the new paradigm

This is affecting a broad spectrum of our existence in this dimension, and relationships are coming into clearer focus at the moment.

There are several layers to the idea of ‘relationship’ as it exists, and to the changes that are taking place at the root of these structures that have been in place for millennia.

Relationships vary from person to person, that is known; and yet there is a structure that underlies the concept behind the word that reaches across human experience, whether we have conscious awareness of it or not.

The shifting that’s taking place across so many levels of our human experience is raising deeply-rooted discordance that’s asking to be healed. One place that this affects many human being is in the realm of relationships.

Under the rapidly deteriorating old paradigm, the underlying energy of these interactions was based on the distortions at play across the different aspects of human existence.

This means anything with structures (whether tangible or not) is affected by the disappearance of the old constructs. As the new paradigm has not yet developed ‘structures’ of its own, this is a very shaky time for humanity.

Here’s how it can affect individuals:

Some of those in relationships that have adhered to habitual or accepted definitions of relationship and the roles within them will be finding the new energy confusing and even frightening. (Think of the opposition to same-sex marriage or families as defined by each individual for themselves.)

This shift represents a complete undermining of long-established safety barriers, designed to define a ‘normal’ to which we ‘must’ adhere. As people fight to claim their right to define relationships by their own standards, the distortions are brought to light and feel even more discordant. In these cases, most people will resist the changes by fiercely protecting and defending their ‘reality.’

There are others within relationships that have experienced huge growth in themselves, while their partner has not undergone the same shift. This triggers a deep redefining of roles, which were accepted (whether consciously or not) when the relationship began.

This can create a gap as the one ‘left behind’ feels pressure to change in order to meet the other person where they are. If they’re not ready to take that step, relationships can end, or in some cases, the person who has experienced huge growth makes compromises and holds themselves back to remain in the relationship.

In yet other cases, both parties in a relationship will experience major growth, and yet the structure under which the relationship was established cannot withstand the necessary adjustments. Sometimes without knowing it, we adhere to habitual limits established by our past behaviour/patterning (at the time the relationship was established).

This third example most closely reflects the shift that is happening on a broader scale, as we shift into the new paradigm. Relationships in the old paradigm have grown to encompass distortions of the Divine Masculine energy such as power over, possession, domination and destruction.

Distortions to the concept of relationship.

Relationships have, through the millennia, taken on these distortions as inherent to the concept of relationship.

What this means is that sometimes, despite people’s attempts to ‘define relationships on their own terms,’ with the underlying limitations connected to these old distortions, while individuals can grow, the relationship cannot. This is because it’s impossible to imagine a structure that enables that within the existing energetic framework.

Most relationships begin with love – a mother gives birth to a baby; two people meet for the first time and share a deep connection; a child gets a kitten for a pet. It is amazing how quickly these can shift into something that looks very different from love, based on the way each party aligns themselves to the structures that arise.

Take the new mother, imagining her new baby arriving, overcome with love. Three weeks later, after sleepless nights, endless crying and bouts of vomiting, the relationship has shifted. There is no less love, it has simply taken on a different quality; it has shifted into an accepted dependency that means the mother has had to redefine herself and her role in this person’s life. Unless there is constant awareness of the potential to continuously redefine the roles we choose to take on, a structure is established.

Old paradigm

Under the old paradigm, dominance, ownership and leader/follower roles were prevalent in relationship structures. There is the assumption that one party has some authority over another, up to and including what they do with their bodies. It was not that long ago that a woman required her husband’s or father’s permission to have her wisdom teeth removed if she was under the age of 21.

This is not to say that it is impossible to live outside of these pre-existing structures – it is. Some people discovered aeons ago that limitations are only as real as we allow them to be, and live their lives by their own design. Even they have structures, just of their own making; and quite often they find it difficult to form other relationships because of their insistence on separation from the constructs that ‘define’ relationships. It’s cyclical.

Think about certain accepted ‘truths’ that are sometimes used as a way to excuse or justify the behaviours of others. How often do we hear, ‘boys will be boys,’ or ‘that’s just how girls are’? Each of these represents a seed upon which a structure has been built.

So, based upon these deeply-rooted definitions of ‘normal,’ the broader concept of relationship was also built. Interactions sprang up around these distortions of normalcy and they became established as the new normal. Every time someone accepted the truth of the new normal, it became more firmly established. This is why the distortions were then so widespread.

With the pre-existing and long-established adherence to roles and structures, human relationships became far more complicated. Those whose energy didn’t resonate with the structures may have found themselves struggling to fit in with others, or denying their own truth in order to feel accepted.

This means that even as people try to define relationship on their own terms, because of the old paradigm energies that exist around the concept itself, it is difficult if not impossible to see the potential of what could be, as it doesn’t yet exist.

Huge growth is available

This is why releasing is vital. There is potential for huge transformation if we as a collective, can agree to release the current form that relationship takes. As we do, the structures will dissolve, and the new energies will have a place to land and establish themselves.

For many, this will mean letting go of a current relationship. This is not the end, but the beginning of something much more harmonious and resonant with the incoming feminine energy. Trust that in letting go of the current forms the relationships take, we are making space for miracles and for a shift so dynamic that we’ll forget what we ever thought we knew.

This feels no different to the death of a loved one, and it is not easy. Think, though, about how relationships have the capacity to completely transform through the process of death, as those left behind can reassess and redefine their bond with those who’ve gone beyond.

For some, it will mean letting go of pursuing or seeking out relationships until the new energies are established. It is very difficult to envision the concept of a formless entity within the configurations of the current paradigm. We must be patient, and continue to focus on knowing and loving ourselves, and releasing the ties to the distortions (possession, dominance, etc) around relationship. Huge growth is available right now and if we can hold space for this transformation, we contribute to change on a universal level.

It’s time to relinquish the illusion of control and allow for this shift to happen. Source wants for us to experience bliss and joy like we’ve never thought possible, and it’s right there, waiting for us to claim it.

Source: OMTimes

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