Dr Bruce Lipton – all you need is love

(Uplift) Evolutionary Biologist, Bruce Lipton Ph.D, visits the Beatles Ashram in Rishikesh, India with UPLIFT writer, Jacob Devaney.

All you need is love

Making a pilgrimage back to one of the epicenters of spiritual consciousness in the sixties, they discuss how science frames the world we live in and what it can tell us about the nature of love.

“We are here by Nature’s intent to bring harmony and balance to the universe, and are so powerful in doing that. If we don’t realise that, we’ve lost our mission. The indigenous people of the world knew that. They saw this as a garden and they saw themselves as gardeners. This is exactly what Nature intended. When we destroy the environment, we destroy ourselves because we are the environment. Love is vibrational harmony…. bringing everything back into harmony… the planet, the environment, ourselves, and our community of humanity. If we broadcast enough love, even those people who are not in love will be entrained by the vibration and become in love”. – Bruce Lipton

Source: Uplift

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