Forest drones are planting 1 billion trees by 2028 in response to wildfires

(Educate Inspire Change | Michelle Estevez) Despite the wildfire season coming to an end, our planet still continues to battle against deforestation and rapid climate change. Just this week the land north of Toronto burned in a wildfire leaving many trees in devastation. It is clear we must set our gears into action when it comes to protecting the planet we call home. Flash Forest is a Canadian startup that is setting out to plant up to 1 billion trees by 2028 using drone technology.    

Forest drones are planting 1 billion trees

“There are a lot of different attempts to tackle reforestation,” says Flash Forest co-founder and chief strategy officer Angelique Ahlstrom. “But despite all of them, they’re still failing, with a net loss of 7 billion trees every year.”

1 billion trees

At this rate, if we don’t act now, we face the possibility of rising global temperatures leading to unimaginable outcomes. Other drone tree planting companies are also stepping into the mix to combat this possibility.

“I think that drones are absolutely necessary to hit the kind of targets that we’re saying are necessary to achieve some of our carbon sequestration goals as a global society,” said Flash Forest co founder Angelique Ahlstrom. “When you look at the potential for drones, we plant 10 times faster than humans.”

While it is inspiring to see technology being used for good as an ally to our mother Earth, we must not also forget to reexamine our habits and how we can implement practices that do not add to the metaphorical fires of our planet’s health.

1 billion trees

In a recent study published by Stanford University, “If policies to incentivize tree plantations are poorly designed or poorly enforced, there is a high risk of not only wasting public money but also releasing more carbon and losing biodiversity,” said study co-author Eric Lambin, the George and Setsuko Ishiyama Provostial Professor in “That’s the exact opposite of what these policies are aiming for.”

There is a lot of responsibility that comes with mass tree planting when it comes to ensuring land health and it is up to us to make sure we are not abusing or impregnating Earth’s surface due to our lack of care or attention.

Source: Educate Inspire Change

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