3 Tips to help you stop overeating

(Natural News|  Marna Thall) Everyone has an instinctual fear of hunger and this is a good thing.  What is not good is when this fear leads to overeating because this can bring about a number of other problems.  A lot of people do not realize that they are overeating or do not know how to stop overeating.  Luckily, there are a number of tips that you can use to help you stop overeating and prevent yourself from starting again in the future.

Using the hunger scale

A lot of people do not actually know what hunger feels like.  Before you can learn to stop overeating, you need to know when your body is telling you that you should eat.  Prior to eating anything, you need to consider the hunger scale to determine what you should be eating or if you should eat at all.

Starving is the top of the hunger scale and will result in an uncomfortable and empty feeling in your stomach.  This will often be accompanied by light-headedness of jitters.  Hungry is when you have the next meal on your mind and know that if you do not eat in the next hour you will fall into starving territory.

Moderate hunger is when your stomach starts to growl and will be accompanied by a feeling of emptiness in the stomach.  This is the best time to eat because you do not generally run the risk of binging and overeating.  When you are satisfied, you will not be full or hungry.  You will generally be comfortable and able to wait for food.

When you are full, your stomach will start to feel slightly bloated.  If you are eating while you are full, the food will not taste as good and you will not feel any hunger.  Being stuffed is what happens when you overeat and will result in mild heartburn.  You will also feel uncomfortable and it will be hard to sit still.

Snack on fiber

Fiber helps you feel full for longer and faster because your body takes longer to digest these foods.  Snacking on fiber throughout the day will keep you from feeling hungry when you are not and will help you stay satisfied for longer after a meal.  You should be looking to eat around 25 grams of fiber eat day and this should help you stop overeating.

Stop to eat

We live in a high-speed world where you might not always have the time to stop and eat.  This is one of the causes of overeating and you need to be aware of this.  When you eat while working you are less likely to notice how much you have eaten or even what you have eaten.  When you eat the stomach will send a signal to the brain when it is full, but your brain is not always able to pick up on this signal if you are doing something else.  To avoid this you need to take the time to eat away from other distractions.

Source: Natural News

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