Healing forests of India (2019)

(Films For Action) The most precious gift in life is a peaceful mind and a healthy body.

Relationship,with self, with others and with nature.

However, we live in a complex world, facing challenges big and small each day. Unhealthy relationships, habits, environments and the uncertainties of life affect us in many ways. So how do you find motivation, inspiration, and direction when you need it the most? How can you master a practice that grows your inner calm, and resilience? And most importantly, how can we grow the essence of our well-being – our relationships. Relationship with self, with others and with nature.

Nature and you

In these challenging times, it has become even more important to connect with nature in a meaningful way. Practice the activities in nature rich spaces, city forests, neighbourhood parks, or even your own garden. Create some wonderful memories and build habits that will benefit you through your life.

Explore fascinating forests across India and find out the remarkable science of how forests can heal our body, mind and spirit in this full length nature documentary directed by Nitin Das with music by Borrtex.

Source: Films For Action

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