Fabrizio Pigliucci: The Magnificent Symphony of Life 

(Global Heart | Esther Haasnoot) Dive with us into the mysterious wonders of life. An interview with Fabrizio Pigliucci about his book “The Symphony of Life”. 

Get carried away with the symphony of the great orchestra called life.

Let us shine the light on the infinite potential of our brain — and give each other the praise and practice — to unlock our full potential.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

— Nikola Tesla


An Interview with Fabrizio Pigliucci about his new book: “The symphony of life” by Esther Haasnoot

Esther Haasnoot: Today, we talk about music and consciousness and celebrate your amazing new book “The Symphony of Life”. Fabrizio is an Italian name that means “craftsman”. Many people know you as a talented composer, arranger, orchestrator, engineer, and producer. What inspired you to write this book?

Fabrizio Pigliucci: Yes, as you said, I come from a lifepath in music. We know that music is a powerful way to look within ourselves, raise consciousness, connect with something higher, and understand and feel resonances and frequencies. So, when all of us were in lockdown and scared by the pandemic in the past months, an answer arrived one day. I realized clearly and deeply felt the inner connection of many different and apparently distant things. How we are all connected. Humanity is like one big living being, and all is one. We are one, with each other, with nature, with birds and flowers. We are one with different cultures and other races, one with the wise cultures of the past, and one with the infinite energies of the cosmos. I realized that to get rid of the crisis of our time, we need to take a giant leap. In this new vision, LOVE is the key to everything. This message comes from the ancients, from the spiritual and mystic world, and not surprisingly, from the more recent science. 

Even though I have always shared this kind of message with my music, I felt the necessity – I can say the urgency – to tell more. I write about a new vision, a new paradigm. If we wish to embrace it, it is necessary to overcome fears and reconnect with our truest nature. As persons and humans, we must seek a new light for a possible path closer to us than we can imagine to finally live in peace, prosperity, and Love. 

This is why I have written the book and gifted the book, The Symphony of Life, for free. The book has several main arguments, which may seem different and a stretch to some. But the reader will understand. As he is guided through the themes by a circular menu, he is invited to experience non-linear reading. He can compose a unique big picture of existence and discover how Music, Frequency, Energy, Health, Nature, Ancient Cultures, Science, and Spirituality are intimately connected. In fact, all these areas interweave and tell us about the fantastic argument called life, which I have called “The Symphony of Life”. 

Esther Haasnoot: The center of our being is an unknown creative energy that forges us. The creative Spirit is an essential part of our being, the life-giving oxygen for our soul. Creative expression is not merely the embellishment of life forms but the very dynamic of the life force itself, taking new forms. Perhaps we give our very best when we’re given the freedom to be ourselves, to show individuality. What do you think being creative means? What is your vision for creativity?

Fabrizio Pigliucci: I think creativity is the central root of everything! Creativity is the foundation of my entire life and goes hand in hand with freedom. As Einstein said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun,” developed through awareness: creativity is a powerful way to be authentic, connect with ourselves, and express our true selves. Creativity does not repress; rather, it expresses one’s inner voice. Allowing this pure energy to be expressed is healing. As part of each deep state of creativity, we experience spiritual flow, high concentration, change in our mental state, and a measurable increase in the frequencies of our minds. Therefore, creativity is meditation, a reconnection without our true self, our soul, with something pure and higher, and in the end, our return home. 

A creative person is a person who is true to his own voice. In other words, this somebody is free. An absolute bombshell in modern society that doesn’t want us to be creative and free, but locks us into rigid boxes. All with the same thoughts and the same way of life. In this broader vision, creativity is a fundamental key to giving humanity a chance to build a better future.

Esther Haasnoot: The original meaning of the word vocation has to do with being addressed by a voice. In listening to our inner voice—what Jung calls “the voice of the inner man”. How do you experience your relationship between inner voice and outer voice, and how do you use it?

The voice is a fantastic instrument, the most expressive existing. It shows the performer’s soul as it connects the personal inner and outer world. Everyone who sings knows it: any kind of vocal expression, such as solo singers, choir singers, but also chanting mantras, is a form of connection and a form of healing. The same applies to speaking; it is meant to be an expression of yourself. It is a form of connection and a form of healing. In fact, it is related to the fifth Chakra (one of the seven energy centers of our body), to communication, and to the emotions that come with it. Not saying what you feel blocks it. 

Expressing our inner voice to the outside world is not only using our physical voice. It also means expressing to the world who we are. Deciding to walk our own unique path. Despite everyday habits and predefined rules of our society and what others expect us to do.

I have been on a path of progressive personal liberation for decades because I felt strongly the need to be myself. I left an important job, and, while doing so, I left behind roles where I was not entirely myself. Now I’m free to express my inner voice to the outer world. I do this primarily by composing my primary world, work, and essence: I make music not for simple entertainment but to send energy and messages. I also feel this connection strongly when I play my music in nature with wind instruments that I love, such as the Indian Bansuri flute or the little Irish tin whistle. 

Speaking of voice, I can reveal that I am in the process of preparing a new album with music rich in spirituality, which I am composing for a polyphonic choir. Unlike the numerous musical instruments I have ever used, this album marks a return to the simplicity of the voice. This is the result of an intuitive search for the purest inner-outer reconnection. I think we should all rediscover and embrace a powerful message of simplicity, truth, and healing of the soul.


Esther Haasnoot: The mystery of music and sound runs deeper than previously thought. Rhythmic sound “not only coordinates people’s behavior in a group, but it also coordinates their thinking—the mental processes of individuals in the group become synchronized. When people move in synchronicity, they are more likely to perceive the world in synchrony. Music can be an effective medium to unite people through messages and songs, bringing hope and solidarity amid adversity. Music can float across borders and spread its wings wherever harmony is needed most. When music is created with the intention to be a catalyst for healing, something special happens. How do you explain the healing and uniting power of music?

Fabrizio Pigliucci: A beautiful human characteristic called “entrainment” is our tendency to go “in rhythm” with others. Rhythm and musicality lie at the heart of human relationships. Life is rhythm. All our activities are marked by a rhythm, like breathing, walking, talking, etc. Each of us has a rhythmical body with its movements and internal and mental activity. We instinctively tend to be in tune with other interwoven rhythms, such as gestures and dialogue. Essential elements in our life.

Surprisingly, science has discovered that even our cardiac rhythm aligns between friends or love relationships. Even with our beloved pets. This is called Cardiac Coherence, which we can see as a different type of entertainment. We are musical beings made of dancing cells. A biological symphony, as individuals and as a community. We need to start understanding this and decide to align ourselves with each other. To create a better and more harmonious life. Like a symphony. Dreaming of a global “human symphony”. The so-called Global Consciousness that we now know exists.

Frequencies play a significant role in this. They open the vision to a greater whole, from the smallest cell to the cosmic systems. We now know that we are biologically evolved to attune to the frequency of our planet’s “breath.” The Schumann Resonance is necessary for life. It all comes down to music and harmony. We can also call this UNIVERSAL LOVE. I think music is an essential language for sharing harmony and beauty. As a composer, I like to embrace the entire world. Though there are various cultures, I envision the world as one.

That’s why I like to gather instruments from around the world (Western and ethnic, from many different traditions). Featuring instruments from different eras (new electronic and traditional devices) and singing voices from different cultures and languages. It is a message of connection for centuries throughout time and space. A statement of peace is significant today. By bringing harmony and Love, tuning together different frequencies, and expressing and re-harmonizing our inner and outer world, it is clear that music has strong healing power. There are healing instruments (devices) that work on a frequency level, that is, on a musical level.

With my personal music albums (“Fallen From the Moon”, “The Rainbow Traveller”, “Music From Plants,” and “Tales of Clay” – all free to download from my website) and this book (also free to download), I hope to add a tiny drop into the ocean, metaphorically speaking. I strive to bring a little more love into this crazy world by using music for its unifying and healing power.

Esther Haasnoot: What is the relationship between science and art, and why is that so important to you?

This is a fascinating question! As we know, man did not have the cage of today’s rationality in ancient times, which significantly hinders our progress. Many cultures were connected to the inner and spiritual world and saw it as an essential dimension of life. And in that world, art and science were united. Today, we have reached the limit of our rationalistic culture. We are finally about to rediscover this. In a few words, we know that music is spirituality, and now we know that the new science has also achieved spiritual awareness. Thanks to the recent quantum discoveries – which have united the most advanced science of recent years with the wisest thoughts and intuitions of the ancient mystical world – a new conscious science has emerged. Science has come to understand that the key that moves everything is simply one: “LOVE”.

In the book, The Symphony of Life, I walk the long and exciting road that demonstrates this. Art and science have Spirit in common. They are in an intimate relationship. Both seek to present a new paradigm to the world. In which Spirit is the level to be rediscovered. This indicates how important it is to reopen to the spiritual level. We are not only made up of physical elements. There is so much more, as the ancient traditions knew very well.

Further, a new emerging art/science called Cymatics visually shows us the effect of music and sound on the disposition of matter (sand, water, etc.) under musical and sonic stimulation which type of music/sound/frequency creates harmony in matter and which makes disorder. This opens new avenues for the arts and humanities to add beauty, symmetry, and harmony to matter and our bodies and cells. To improve our health and well-being. And to encourage an expanded and more conscious vision of life.

Esther Haasnoot: Everything depends on everything else in the cosmos to manifest. Inter-being is a term coined by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. It reveals the interconnectedness of all things, connected through our actions, feelings, thoughts, and basically everything else. The biggest lie we believe is that we think we can be separated from source, the universe, nature, and each other. We are nature. We are one. How do you see this?

Fabrizio Pigliucci: Before I reply, you mentioned Thich Nhat Hanh; he recently passed away, and he was one of the greatest masters of our time. I love him, and I want to send a prayer of gratitude in memory of him.

Yes, what you say, is the biggest lie of our time. Our materialistic culture presents us with a system where everything is composed of parts. Our body is made up of separate parts. We are independent of other people and disconnected from nature. As a result, we feel separated from ourselves. This separation is the disease of today—the root of stress, illness, violence, racism, of war.

Nothing is separate in nature. This has been said for millennia by ancient and wise cultures such as the Eastern, the Native Americans, the Aborigines, the Celts, the Incas, etc.. Even the most advanced discoveries of science have shown this deep connection. Reality is intimately made up of fluctuating energies and frequencies. Reality consists of fluctuating energies and frequencies in a continuum where NOTHING is separate from everything else, and the effect of an action in one place affects other places. This is the same with our thoughts, which are also made up of energy and frequencies. They have a tangible effect on us, our physical bodies, and others. Verified studies have clearly shown that focused communal thoughts, such as prayer or meditation, can directly affect real-life and personal health, decreasing violent acts in cities if the number of people involved in collective meditation is large enough. 

It is well known that during the events of 9/11, many people worldwide felt a strong sense of fear and shock. NASA satellites recorded an alteration in our planet’s electromagnetic field never seen before. At the same time, the widespread network of quantic devices by the Global Consciousness Project (RNG) recorded the same in entirely different data. And when, days later, there was a global prayer in memory of the thousands who died, the common thoughts oriented to love and compassion brought an opposite previously unseen data: prayer and meditation and Love have opposite effects in the real world respect than fear and scare. This is of the utmost importance, showing unequivocally the existence of a Global Consciousness (or Field or Matrix as science calls it) and showing us that all we are joined in a common destiny: the human family is one great living being. The same connection happens in nature: the study about the Coherence Domain of Water (supporting Masaru Emoto’s intuitions) has shown that thoughts can modify the state of water and that water has a “memory”, water carries messages. And quantum studies have shown mind influences events. 

Masaru Emoto showed clearly that loving thoughts produce harmonic water crystals, while bad thoughts create disharmonic awful water crystals. But we are made in large part of water, and the planet is made in a large amount of water. This lets us imagine incredible possibilities and consequences of our thoughts and actions.  So with all this knowledge today, we can affirm that we can influence (and be influenced) by our thoughts. This is true not only for our health but also for those around us, animals, plants, and everything out there. We can decide what to bring into the world. All is joined. All is One. This is the most powerful message of peace ever.   


Esther Haasnoot: Education should help people realize their true value. In our current education system, children (and even adults) are tested, categorized, and segmented on society’s specific topics traditionally deemed necessary. In such an environment, students often do not see their full potential. The development of ecological and emotional intelligence, and the discovery of our true worth and essence, are necessary components of character education. This aspect of education may be missing from many of our school systems. How do you see this? If these skills are essential for a happy and successful life, shouldn’t we be teaching them to all our kids? 

Fabrizio Pigliucci: I wanted to address this critical topic in the book because the current school system is still stuck in old positions. It still propagates the old vision of separation, perpetuating it: a school of notions and not of thought and consciousness, which conditions and prepares the youngs to lock themselves in a cage with their own hands, in the tight grids of the actual society, without being given the inner tools to understand that other paths are possible, that you can choose not to have chains, not to be consumerist, not to be homologated, that you can listen and make another music, that you can be yourself, that you can be free, that you can live your life honestly and fully. Separation from ourselves, who we really are, from others, from nature, from the infinite possibilities and truth of the universe, all these sick mental patterns are still cultivated at school. The result over the years is the deep crisis we as humanity are facing today.

We absolutely need a new school system capable of giving not only cold notions that bore students more and more, but offer inspiration. For example, awareness, consciousness, proper management of emotions and relationships, empathy, conscious use of technology, old and new science, spirituality, collaboration, knowing others, other cultures and traditions, other way to live, another way to think, another way to work, in a school of experiences more than a school of schemes to follow, that close the individual in a box and humiliate the talent, rediscovering the fundamental connection and correlation of humans with nature, with the environment, with our planet, to love and respect and have care for all this. We need to re-learn to experience life, not only by the rational mind as abused today, but from its vibrations, its energies, cultivating a precious mental presence, which is the only way to open and reveal the universe in all its extraordinary beauty.

All this, I think, is pretty simple to understand, so we can ask, “why isn’t this happening”? Why are we nurturing new adults into a stressful, hyper-competitive, neurotic lifestyle, with no empty spaces, without to play, without freedom, without joy?  The question is of the utmost relevance, and the answer is that a free person is not welcome in the “system” that wants us closed, homologated, and turned off.  Albert Einstein said: “Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison, expanding our circle of empathy to embrace all living creatures and the whole nature in its beauty”. I can say that several new types of schools exist, and in this critical time, a new direction is also being born. People are finally starting to feel all this enormous limitation that has been imposed on us by someone, and they are organizing to overcome it and jump outside of the schemes for a new, more humane society to be born.

Esther Haasnoot: To experience joy, we must express who we are in essence, i.e., be authentic, rather than play the role that others expect us to play. Through self-examination, we can find out who we were before we were conditioned. We are all searching for and ultimately want to claim the phenomenon that is our authentic self, the essence of the truth of who we are, and experience what creates our life. How do you define truth, and what kind of tools do we need on our path to authenticity? 

Fabrizio Pigliucci: Exactly. Truth is fundamental. We need to play OUR true role in life to be happy, healthy, and balanced. We are made of energies. If these energies are not understood and managed, illness comes. Or the only way to survive remains to completely turn off ourselves, living like a robot, in a complete absence of truth, with automatic responses and behaviors. This is happening more often than we imagine. Truth means discovering our identity, our authentic voice, and expressing and living it. 

The tool for this path starts with silence and stillness. While rushing every day overwhelmed by thousands of stimulations, things to do, and thousands of noises and distractions, today, it is impossible to discover who we are listening to in our inner space. A moment of silence and stillness, a moment of space is necessary to give freedom to this subtle voice to speak to us. And in this silence, you can finally reconnect with your breath, in this space, you can love yourself, and in this space, you can ultimately decide to call the friend you never have time to call. But we are so abused to run without pauses, to stressful habits that fill the whole day, that we find it very difficult to stop this carousel, considering it normal, to the point of being scared of silence and stillness. This is why we always experience more noises and music everywhere, to the point that it is challenging to find a place of silence within ourselves. 

The world is desperately thirsty for truth. We just have to remember that each of us is a living wonder, that each one of us is a divine spark to feel the importance of asking for the truth.

 Esther Haasnoot: The body follows the narrative of our thought process and belief system. Because our thought process and the belief system drive our body to respond chemically and emotionally in specific ways, it can bring ease or dis-ease. Tell us a little about that. How would you explain the importance of this mind-body connection?

Fabrizio Pigliucci: Our thoughts are chemistry. Our mental schemes are chemistry, and they sculpt our body as a drop sculpts rock. I learned the existence of this level of reality the hard way by learning this new vision from the disease, my teacher. I have recently experienced how scientifically analyzable this is today with new quantum machines. These machines can detect and measure things humanity already knew, how mental patterns and thoughts determine energy flows in our body, that flows through meridians and chakras, organ and cells, clearly showing where these energies are flowing well, or where bad recurring thoughts and bad mental habits are creating energetic blocks, that with the time can become symptoms, and than disease. This is the path to illness and also the path to cure, of course. It is science beyond doubts also that there is a primary channel connecting mind and heart, and that the heartbeat rate curve, called Cardiac Coherence (one can measure it as I do often), influenced by the mind, creates coherence (or disharmony) in all the other organs of our body. So there is unequivocally a channel between mind and body. Epigenetics has also shown us that environment can influence genes, where “environment” is also our mental schemes, so mind and body are strictly connected. 

The wonder is, by extension, that the heart’s electromagnetic field is measurable up to three meters apart, so the illustrated coherence exists not only inside us between our organs and mind-body but also between us and who is around us! We can then understand now and embrace the existence of a measurable network of connections between the whole of humanity, a superb living mind-body being called Humans, influenced by collective thoughts and feelings. It’s a new vision, both frightening and wonderful, that we are just begun to explore and that I believe everyone should know.

Esther Haasnoot: Edgar Cayce, an American clairvoyant (1877-1945), said: “The medicine of the future will be music and sound.” Ancient cultures already used their voice and instruments as a tool to help people overcome dis-ease. Sound healing is an excellent, powerful, and yet simple self-healing tool that one can introduce in their healing journey. Can you explain to us how sound, frequencies, and resonance work?

Fabrizio Pigliucci: Well, we are resonant beings, and for quantum physic, we are frequencies, immersed in a whole made of frequencies. This is in a few words, the new vision. We need to open ourselves to this, so we should not be surprised that frequencies can heal! Today, several technologies heal only with frequencies (cyclotronic ion resonance, bioresonance, etc). Sound healing also plays a vital role with the various healing frequencies that science has confirmed to have significant effects. For example, 432hz and its system of frequency scales can also be reconducted not only to human healing pathways but also to optimal plants photosynthesis, algae life support, harmonic matter disposition, quantum dynamics, up to hypothesize to have played a central role in the origin of life itself on our planet. I illustrate a fantastic strong scientific study in the book with all this). We are resonant beings, musical beings, living symphony: the Law of Resonance teach us that if an excited body vibrates at a certain frequency, another body close to it and tuned at the same frequency will spontaneously vibrate in the same manner even if not excited. This is fundamental and moves all, because we resonate with ourselves as musical instruments, like strings on a guitar or a piano. We know that we resonate biologically with the frequency of our Mother Heart and with the frequencies of others. Ask yourself, how many times have you felt to be “in tune” and “in harmony” or “out of tune” with others?

It is a question of intention: as a radio station, with our antennas, we can choose on which frequency we want to tune in: we can choose to resonate with hate and fear or to resonate with Love and compassion and comprehension and care. It’s up to us. The future is up to us. I choose the second group. Which radio station will you choose? 

Esther Haasnoot: Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Fabrizio Pigliucci: Let me, dearest Esther, thank you for this space you have given me to express these thoughts and this vision on your pages that I love. It is so important to me, and I’m so happy and really honored for this opportunity!

I just want to add that changing the world is not impossible. The goal is to achieve a “critical mass”, a sufficient number of awakened people who want a better, more respectful, more peaceful world, with more Love, comprehension, and collaboration, where life can finally be enjoyed and celebrated. High levels of wisdom were reached by several great minds in past and ancient times, with surprisingly high thoughts and intuitions. Still, these enlightened minds were too few, and there was no possibility to share widely and easily build a new shared enlightened vision. But today, this is possible thanks to our communication possibilities and worldwide connections. We as human beings feel more and more that the time for a change has arrived. So I’m hopeful and confident that a change, a leap, a new era, is there just one step away from us, waiting for us to decide… this is my wish for everyone.

The book The Symphony of Life is free to download from my website. Have fun reading and a good life to all!


About Fabrizio Pigliucci

The Symphony of Life by Fabrizio PigliucciFabrizio Pigliucci is an Italian musician, composer, arranger, orchestrator, and producer. He has expertise in computer science and has been a computer programmer in a leading Italian company that he left to follow his music passion. He has also worked on more than 50 soundtracks with Oscar-nominated actors, documentaries, pop albums, and music for TV, radio, and theater shows (Warner, EMI, Sony, Rai, Mediaset, FlipperMusic). His music is used on major TV channels worldwide (CNN, NBC, BBC, ZDF, FRANCE2, RAI, Mediaset, SKY, Atresmedia, National Geographic, etc). Defined as “A creative genius”, he is a free spirit and has an infinite curiosity in the most diverse fields. He loves to talk about himself as a “musician and dreamer”. His music has been defined as “A transmission of energy”, “The breathtaking music of Fabrizio Pigliucci”, and “The frequency of beauty” in international interviews and has received appreciation from simple people who listen to his music for personal well-being, inspiration, music therapy, and spirituality. From important musicians and musical realities such as Peter Gabriel’s Real World studios in London, ‘deep appreciation and admiration from Steve Porcaro (Toto, Yes, Michael Jackson), by Rhani Krija (Sting), by the well-known director Anthony Powell, he was nominated for the prestigious Italian prize David di Donatello in 2008 for a song, finalist in the worldwide competition for the creation of the new Nokia ringtone, and his music was successfully performed in the Vatican receiving written congratulations from the Holy Father Pope Francis.

He was invited to join the worldwide community of artists Talent For Humanity. He shares values of humanity, peace, ecology, humanness, and spirituality in life as well as with his personal music albums “Fallen From the Moon”, “The Rainbow Traveller”, “Music from Plants” and “Tales of Clay”, receiving high appreciation on dedicated international publications and broadcasts such as ‘Voice Your Essence’ (Berlin), ‘New Consciousness Review’ (USA), ‘The Essence Show’ (Brooklyn), The Riveting Riffs’ (Canada), ‘Global Heart’ (Holland) and the Voice Rising Show. His house is full of musical instruments of every kind and place, from grand pianos to guitars and percussions, to ethnic instruments from all over the world, to electronic instruments, to sound software that he also realizes autonomously. He loves to seek in every instrument the energy and character that distinguishes them to widen his creative and expressive possibilities and create a real “music of the world”, where everything lives together in harmony. He started to bring around his music with the use of the Indian flute Bansuri the Irish Tin Whistle and the Chinese Hulusi, with a portable mini-studio and immersed in nature, such as forests, sea, mountains, day and night, in solitude or to share moments of spirituality and to help people with health difficulties. He has recently realized a hardware-software device to obtain in real-time magic and mysterious music from plants, a real message of peace from another world. He doesn’t consider himself a writer. For more information or to connect with Fabrizio Pigliucci: homepage, personal albums free download, music free download, youtube channel, facebook

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