Rain on sunday | Paula Fuga | Live outside

(Playing For Change) We teamed up with our friends at  Mana Maoli  to produce this video, filmed and recorded live on location at Palehua, Oʻahu. “Rain On Sunday,” the title track from Paula’s newly released album.

Paula Fuga

Rain on sunday was inspired by an unexpected downpour she experienced after breakfast one Sunday morning. “It started pouring rain… dumping really hard, one of those really hard rains that just come out of nowhere and it rumbles your whole house,” says Paula, who’s husband was not interested in joining her in listening to the sound of the rain. “I was tripping out! Who is this guy that I married that doesnʻt wanna listen to the rain? I was stunned. I was sulking for a couple minutes, then BOOM – this beautiful melody came to my head.”

“My wish is to play music all over the world and use my gift of music to heal people”
– Paula Fuga–

Once the rain cleared up, Paula heard the birds chirping and saw the sun making its way through the clouds. “It was just so beautiful. I wrote this song right there on the spot, thinking about all the beautiful things I like to do in nature.”

Join us as we transport back to that very moment, as Paula enchantingly sings, “Listen to the rain on a Sunday morning…let it fall, let it wash away.”

Source: Playing For Change

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