The four divine states of mind with Yuval Ron

(OMTimes | Liane Buck) Yuval Ron Music is a music production company led by award-winning composer and world music artist Yuval Ron creating unique original film scores, music for contemporary dance, theater, museums, new media, marketing, medical and healing modalities as well as concerts, tours and recordings of the international renowned ethnic music and dance group The Yuval Ron Ensemble.

The four divine states of mind – an interview with Yuval Ron

Sacred music should be used to bring down walls and divides.

~ Yuval Ron

Four Divine States of Mind features four celebrated and outstanding artists including, Estrella Morente, Deva Premal, Uyanga Bold, and Chloe Pourmorady. This concept album is a spring of soulful sacred music for cultivating higher virtues, meditation, and to help heal a wounded world. The Album will be available on July 18th- everywhere.

OMTimes: Tell us a bit more about your new artistic project and what was the inspiration behind this New Musical creation.

Yuval Ron: The four divine States of Mind is a new concept album of soulful Mantra sacred music I composed to help cultivate the four higher virtues taught by Buddha as the four Bramah-Viharas: Metta which is Loving Kindness, Karuna which is Compassion, Mudita, which translates as Vicarious Joy and the last one is Epekkha, Equanimity in English. This incredible undertaking was commissioned by Dr. Richard Gold of Metta Mindfulness Music. He felt that cultivating these four “great healers” through new music is what our World needs at this time, more than ever before.

OMTimes: How do you keep this delicate balance between Music and spirituality when you are creating and songwriting? Do you have any particular routine for songwriting?

Yuval Ron: For me composing and playing music is a spiritual practice, a way to connect with the spirit and express it, or “dance with it.” All the music on the new album the Four Divine States of Mind is sacred music, it is all prayer, and so the last two years that I spent composing, arranging, recording, editing and mixing it, where all are spending time in prayer, and surrounding myself with healing vibrations, soothing vibrations, and sacred prayer sounds.

OMTimes: Yuval, In your opinion, what could we do as a spiritual community as embracing all the colors and all the different paths, how can we collaborate to the birth of a new Earth, at least, a more graceful and compassionate Earth?

Yuval Ron: We need to bring practices such as Yoga, meditation, and ways for sustainable ecology from the fridge to the mainstream. We need to teach these in schools, in every school on this Earth. The fringe needs to become the mainstream. The music that I compose and perform is part of this movement. My hope is that many will be using the music of the Four Divine States to cultivate the four higher virtues and share these practices with many others, so it spreads and spread until it is a significant movement of a new way to live with this Earth, with Mother Earth.

OMTimes: What you think would be the role of Sacred Music in this Pandemic Age, the age of “Awakening”?

Yuval Ron: Sacred music should be used to bring down walls and divides. It should be used at the start of every event, every gathering, every discussion, every teaching, every speech, and again in the end. In lengthy events, it should be used again within each hour. Sacred music can melt the shield and walls that people build around their hearts. Music affects our mind and body and can change the way we behave. Therefore, it is a powerful tool.

OMTimes: I genuinely believe that the style of music that you are performing using Mantras and sounds from the Ancient traditions might be what would help change the frequencies in our society in such a confusing time we are living. One of the Music of your new CD is “Aham Prema” or an invocation of Divine Love. Can you talk a little bit about what Divine Love means to you and why this choice?

Yuval Ron: I chose the mantra Aham Prema to invoke and express the state of mind of Loving Kindness, or Divine Love. In my mind, it is connected and expressed best by the Divine feminine love. It is not about gender, but rather about masculine and feminine energies. For me, Divine Love is connected with Mother Earth, with the womb, with the Divine Goddess, and you can feel all that coming from the music of this track called Loving Kindness (Metta). IF you could chant along with the music the mantra of Aham Prema, which keeps repeating almost 15 minutes nonstop, you will tune in to this vibration. It will affect the way you act for a short or long time afterward, depending on where you are on the spiritual path.

OMTimes: As I said before, I think, personally, that mantras and sacred chants (From all the Spiritual and religious traditions) are like “transmitters” that can help us open our hearts to the language of the Universe. What does it feel to be a catalyst for this type of phenomenon? Do you regard yourself as a “Frequency changer?” And how it feels like to share this connection with others?

Yuval Ron: I know and have experienced the power of sound on numerous occasions. I teach some of the practices relating to the power of sound in various retreats around the World. I have been teaching it in centers such as Esalen Institute, 1440 Multiversity, and Open Center for many years. I see myself as a musical ambassador, as a troubadour or a bard, which is answering to an inner call to be an instrument for harmony, beauty, and unity.

OMTimes: The Eclectic and ecumenic nature of your Music have weaved many bridges between different peoples, and between different spiritual traditions. How do you explain the healing power of your Music? And do you believe this is your way to Pay Forward to the World?

Yuval Ron: The healing power of sound is a result of scientific and artistic disciplines interwoven together. I have spent many years studying the sacred music and mysticism of the Hebrew, Christian, and Muslim traditions of the Middle East. In more recent years, I have traveled to India and studies the art of the Indian ragas (musical modes) and the use of music for healing in ancient India. Besides, I have collaborated with pioneer healers and neuroscientists over the last 33 years who have been on the frontier of the research into spirituality and the brain and the impact of sound on the brain. Therefore, in my work, there is a marriage of both art and science, history, and future, ancient and new. I believe this is a powerful marriage that impacts the mind and body of the listener regardless of their culture or their heritage.

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OMTimes: Would you define yourself as a Soul Activist, or more of a Zen Warrior (or both)? Tell us why.

Yuval Ron: I see myself as a peace activist or a pursuer of peace. The ultimate goal of all my work is to promote more peace on this Earth.

OMTimes: Do you hold a Mystical Vision for our World. What would you like to see manifested in our collective reality now?

Yuval Ron: I would like to see the younger generations the teenagers and the people in their 20’s and 30’s embrace the timely evolution of our societies and our human consciousness, leaving behind racism, hate, anti-Semitism, fear of the stranger and the different, and the unsustainable materialist attachment to matter. I feel that one half of the World is heading in this direction of liberation and equality, sustainable living, and living in harmony with nature. The OMTimes community belongs among that movement. And the other half of the World, held by fear and grid, is holding to the old ways that are bringing us to destroying our mother earth and ending our existence on this home. I see the young generations who are in their teens, the ’20s and 30’s as a key mass movement that pushes the enlightened movement over the peak and takes the leadership of human societies all over the World to reform education, to reform the economy and the way we live on this Earth, so it is indeed truly sustainable, to reform the electoral process, so it is fair, clean of hate and racism, clear of the corruption of powerful lobbies that use the money to control the politicians.

I see a world where people practice yoga and meditation every day, where people listen to sacred music more than to aggressive and mechanic forms of music, where the sound is used as medicine in every hospital and every clinic, curing cancer and other serious diseases and the practice of wisdom traditions such as the Four Divine States of Mind truly get cultivated by every school on this planet, practically changeling the World to be a place full of Loving-kindness, Compassion, Vicarious joy, and Equanimity.

About Yuval Ron

Yuval Ron is an award-winning world music artist, composer, educator, peace activist, and record producer. Yuval Ron also lectures at major universities on the subjects of sacred Middle Eastern music, spiritual foundations of creativity, and the impact of sound on healing. Learn more about him at

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