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(TEDx) Women can stop wars! Internationally acclaimed singer and songwriter Yael Deckelbaum has been at the forefront of the sprouting global women’s movement. This movement promotes the same values she has long dreamed of sharing through her music.

Yael Deckelbaum: Women of the world unite

Yael has marched with thousands of women, from all walks of life, all over the world. Despite their diversity, these women are united in their belief that with love and determination we have the power to create peace.

In this talk, Yael shares her personal journey and explains how positive change will become a reality when women of the world unite. The song “Women of The World Unite” was written & composed by Yael Deckelbaum. Music Produced by Adam Ben Amitai.

The musicians appearing in talk: Yael Deckelbaum – Speaker & Main Vocalist Karen Teperberg – Drums Tal Sandman – Electric Guitar Gal Maestro – Bass & Vocal Tal Avraham – Trumpet Mira Eilabouni – Vocal Bat Chen Edri – Vocal Yirat Yaakov – Vocal Liron Meyuhas – Vocal Daniel Rubin – Vocal Shiri Burstein – Vocal A virtuoso singer, songwriter and social activist who performs in Israel and abroad in the women’s marches for solidarity and peace.

Yael will reveal through a touching story, the behind of scenes of one of the universal projects that she initiated- “the Mother’s Prayer” in collaboration with Nobel Prize for Peace winner Leymah Gbowee, who led to the end of the Second Liberian Civil War in 2003, by the joint strength of women. Today, Yael is a symbol for women’s marches for peace and solidarity throughout the world, and through her poetry she calls for the unification of women globally.

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