Zuzanna Buchwald: I’m not your clothes hanger

(Real Woman, Real Stories) Models seem to be suffering the brunt of the fashion industry’s obsession with size zero, according to a new study. The study indicates that as many as 40% of models may currently be suffering from some kind of eating disorder.

Not often do we see a recognized, successful fashion model like Zuzanna Buchwald speaking about the dark side of the fashion industry. Sweet, charismatic and courageous, she opened up about the modeling industry after struggling with eating disorders.

Making wholesale changes to an industry steeped in a culture of bone-thin will not come overnight, but Zuzanna’s act of speaking out can help end the false sense of shame and fear that models often carry. Seeing a brave woman like Zuzanna cast off the shame and fear should inspire many women to do the same. We have to speak out and bring this issue into the light, and fight this atmosphere of secrecy, silence and myth.

We are hopeful that the courage of Zuzanna Buchwald and alike who prepared to speak will agitate for legal change, and undermine in a very powerful way social myths about women’s issues that promote acceptance of rigid, distorted body ideals.

TRIGGER WARNING: if you are affected by this film please visit www.myneda.org where you can find support.

Source: Real Women, Real Stories

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