How to make a drastic career change in mid-life

(OMTimes | Rick Riddle) Feel Stuck in Your Career at Mid-Life? Changing careers during mid-life is an experience that has become more common in today’s world. People may find that there are more available options that they can pursue. By utilizing digital research tools like the internet, they can find opportunities in unexpected places. The idea that a person must continue to travel down the same path they began after schooling is no longer so ingrained.

People can change careers for all types of reasons. Each person will have a different set of circumstances which ultimately end up in an abrupt change. To others, in their life, these changes might seem perplexing or indicate that the person has lost focus on their goals. But the individual making the change might have been dreaming about the idea for years and then decided the time was right to act. The person making the change usually can present clear ideas why they have decided to take the action.

After schooling, most people embark upon a job that can develop into a career. If the person had thought carefully before entering the job market, they might have chosen the right field and never want to leave. Others might not have been so lucky and the job they took might have been out of necessity rather than passion.


Many Reasons for a Career Change

Some have reached what they consider a plateau in the professional experience and don’t feel that they are gaining any more. They might seek out a new career as a challenge that will invigorate their ideas about life. It can be difficult when someone reaches the point of burning out and needs to re-calibrate the expectations. Many times they might feel pressure from outsiders to not give up on what they consider a successful life. The person who has to live the life must stick to their convictions and make a choice to be happier.

Most likely if you seek a completely different career, you are not doing what you love. The passion that some people have for their work you don’t have. Maybe you feel that person you have become has different interest and goals than the person you were several years ago. It is then necessary to take stock of your life and decide if this is the right time to make a leap into the relatively unknown.

This leap doesn’t have to be blind, and there are many ways to get a feel for your new career. You can cautiously take steps to try out a new job experience before leaving your old career. There are different ways to accomplish this trial period. Seeking out others who are already working in your new desired career field is an important first step.


Reach Out to Mentors for Career Advice

Reach out to others via personal contacts or even through social media and briefly explain what you are considering. Ask them for their personal experiences in their career and what advice they could give you about it. Most people enjoy talking about themselves and would be open to giving you advice.

Maybe you have a close friend or family member in the chosen field, and they will let you shadow them during their work day. This might seem a little strange for you but take any opportunity to see firsthand what a new job will entail. You can even use vacation days to allow time for such an effort.

Obviously, if the reason for the career change is due to losing your current job then press for an opportunity like this to gain real world knowledge of what is possible. The decision you might make will be very important with long lasting consequences so do your best to gather all information possible. The more diversity of opinions you can collect the most prepared you will be for making an informed decision.


Possible, Small Career Changes

An incremental way to change your career would be to move from being an employee to a business owner. Many successful businesses have been started by former employees who developed their outside interest into money making venture. If you have a hobby that is considered valuable to others, this might be an option for you. Something you make or some service that other ask for in your current working life can give you an idea of what would be a marketable product. It can deliver great satisfaction to turn something you willing do right now for no income into a revenue-generating enterprise.

Using the internet to get further research about what kind of competition you would face or other business decisions can be of great help. You even can keep your current job and setup an e-commerce website advertising your products. At some point, if you gain new orders and business you can make the decision to quit your current job and focus on your growing business.


Education May Be a Key to Career Change

It is always a good idea to keep upgrading your skills and gaining an education. There are many classes and courses available so a lack of higher education should not stop you. After making a decision on what career you want to pursue find out if local universities offer night classes in your perspective field. Attending these classes, you will discover other like-minded individuals who are seeking to upgrade their education and maybe you can network and make new contacts.

Don’t be shy. Tell others about your plans maybe they are in the same position as you. If you feel that you will be able to self-direct your education and want more flexibility, find classes available on the internet which might teach new skills for the new job. Increasing your education will help your resume stand out for your new career.

After making the choice to leave your current career use the ideas mentioned above to get a better perspective on how to make the change. Try to stay motivated and move forward. You can always find a little inspiration around you. Preparation will make your career change as smooth as possible. Knowing what you are getting into will ensure that there are no unexpected surprises. Finding a career that makes you happy is a worthy goal.


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Source: OM Times

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