7 Things people with high emotional intelligence do differently

(Higher Perspective) People who have high-emotional-intelligence usually have a better understanding of how the way the world works as well as how people work. However, people have a hard time trying understand what emotional intelligence actually means.

Psychology suggests that, “Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others.” This entails of being able to regulate your emotions, for example, being able to lift someone up or calm them down is a great quality of emotional intelligence. It also means being emotionally aware and having the ability to problem solve with their emotions.

1. Extremely driven

People who have high emotional intelligence are often extremely driven to change the world around them. They can see flaws, mistakes, and other imperfections as challenges for them.

They find new and creative ways to tackle their problems, motivated to see things from a different point of view, and are always willing to learn something new.

2. Aware of their weaknesses / strengths

People who have high emotional intelligence are more than aware of what their weaknesses and strengths are. However, they know that there is always room to improve no matter how good they think they’re doing.

Regardless of being self aware with these imperfections, they still hold their heads high to show others that it is okay to be confident with who you are.

3. Very empathetic

They also tend to be some of the most empathetic people in the entire world. They are able to feel and sympathize with others on the same level as they are. It is a very intense curse to have when you are able to feel everyone else’s sorrow or despair.

However, since they are so empathetic, it is easy for them to find the bright side in almost any negative circumstance. They would rather find a resolution to whatever conflict is making their friends upset.

4. Endlessly fascinated

Highly emotional intelligent beings are also some of the most curious people around. They become fascinated with things they’ve never seen before, find new hobbies they never thought they’d enjoy, and are also adventuring out into the world every single day in hopes of learning or seeing something new.

Sometimes they will go out of their way to make sure their friends are able to experience the same adventures and joy they are creating for themselves.

5. Handle change like a champ

Change is one of the hardest things that a majority of us have to come to terms with. However, people who have high emotional intelligence can handle change as if it were meant to be all along.

In fact, they welcome change with open arms in hopes that something amazing will come from it. The future does not scare them and they are more than willing to see what the world has in store for them as far as change goes.

6. Balance between work and fun

Highly emotionally intelligent people know how to have a good balance between being a hard worker and having fun in the meantime. They know that there are some certain deadlines that they must meet as well as keeping up on their emotional health when they get the chance to play around.

It is good to have a balance between these two and they suggest to others the same kind of routine as them.

7. No one is perfect

Mentioned before about knowing their weaknesses and strengths, people who have high emotional intelligence know that no one is absolutely one hundred percent perfect.

We all have our own flaws and ways to improve on, however, they know it is better to just go with the flow. They do what they feel is right for themselves and for others and make sure that they address each flaw within themselves with honesty and how they can maybe improve on some of those imperfections.

Are you a person with high emotional intelligence?

Source: Higher Perspective

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