5 Feelings that can be confused with love

(OMTimes | Ascending Hearts) Are you in love or are you getting it confused with other feelings?

Confusing love with other feelings

When love finally comes into our lives, we feel the world around us is transformed and joy and happiness become part of our daily routine.

Love is a powerful feeling of affection and a show of affection that develops among beings who can live it.  However, there are many similarities among diverse emotions that can make us be confused and lead us to think that we are feeling love. Below few are listing five feelings that can be easily confused with love.

Here are five feelings that sometimes get confused for the real thing

1. The feeling of passion

Of all the feelings that exist, passion is undoubtedly what most resembles love, for provoking very similar reactions.

Passion is a feeling that arises unexpectedly and surprises the one who is affected by it, for so little time can be noticed the state of complete passion. When we fall in love with someone, we are attracted to specific characteristics of the person we like, such as the way we dress, the way talk and act, etc.

However, the significant difference between passion and love is that passion is ephemeral and is directly related to attraction, be it physical or sentimental. That is, if we fail to be attracted to the person continuously, the passion can also cease to exist.

In addition to being a gradual feeling, Love is also one that endures and establishes a much more intense affective bond between the people involved.

2. The feeling of desire

It is also possible to confuse love with desire, which is a feeling directly related to the action of possessing, or the wanting to have dominion over something. The desire may also be connected to something extremely physical.

When we have a desire for someone, we have the feeling that that person owns us, as if it were something that is under their control and that we will only be happy if we are with this person. We can also say that we have desire when we want to satisfy our sexual needs with someone.

Desire is something natural, but if it is felt in excess, it can be very detrimental to any relationship.

What makes love different from desire is that love is complete, and does not need this feeling of possession. It is something that connects people and is able to make them share feelings.

3. The feeling of lack of neediness

In many situations, love can also be mistaken for neediness, which is the emotional need to have someone in our lives.

When we spend a long time alone, we feel the need and the will to have someone by our side to share life, whether in good or bad times. And when meeting someone who arouses our interest, we may find that we have affection for that person.

However, just finding an interesting person does not mean that we are ready to plunge into a loving relationship. It is of vital importance to know how to identify these feelings in our lives.

4. The feeling of friendship

Another widespread feeling that is promptly confused with love is the feeling generated by the bond of friendship.

Often, when we have a lot of affinity with a person, to whom we tell our greatest secrets and share our fears, we may feel that we feel love for them. And indeed, we can feel it, but it is agape love.

Friendship is characterized as a great affection or appreciation and is intimately connected with the affinity we feel for a particular person. In love relationships, we can also find bonds of friendship, but these are built gradually and as our confidence in the person increases.

5. The feeling of admiration

A person’s admiration can also be confused with love. Admiration is characterized as an emotional disposition that translates into respect, consideration, veneration and needs a concrete reason to exist.

So, when someone for whom we have deep respect, whether for what it does or the person it is, shows us something that is very interesting, it surprises us with their abilities and this feeling can grow in a way that we can confuse with love.

However, when we feel love for someone, we also come to admire that person for what he does. That is, love does not mean to have only admiration for the individual but is one of the essential compliments for a full complete love.

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