5 things gifted women do differently that gets them what they want

(Higher Perspective) Gifted people live among us, and they may not even realize it themselves. They may have thought up to this point that they were misunderstood or that didn’t fit in, because they weren’t like the rest. However, in this age of spiritual awakening, gifted women are becoming aware of their power and are learning how to use it. Here’s how to find out if you’re one of them.

What is a gifted woman?

A gifted woman has traits that set her apart from the rest, without necessarily having to do with her level of IQ. She has unconventional methods and thought patterns that allow her to creatively step outside of the box and stand out. She doesn’t simply follow instructions, but leads by example.

She doesn’t simply fit herself into society’s set of rules and expectations, but carves her own, fighting her way to the top.​

She is both the ying and the yang

A gifted woman is balanced enough to be both the yin and the yang. While she has a purpose, she is patient. While she is independent, she knows when to ask for support and work with others.

While she is adventurous, she knows when to calculate the consequences. She thinks before she speaks, and she is not ruled by her overwhelming emotion. This is why she is not afraid to say no and set boundaries to create opportunities for herself.

She has complex, and intense emotions

The gifted woman takes her emotions to a whole new level. She feels a lot and at once. She thinks deeply about the root of emotions, and questions her state of being. She is so in tune with herself and reads the emotion of others with ease. She is empathetic by nature.

The gifted woman may experience a moment of weakness, while the intensity of her emotion passes, but she is always able to work through it. She confronts her emotion rather than let it pile up. This makes her a great support system for those around her as well.

She hold the paradox between growth and acceptance

The gifted woman is constantly looking for purpose, but she is not coming from a place of lack. She is able to look at the big picture while enjoying the journey. She is not in a rush. She knows she has everything she already needs.

She accepts herself, while still looking for ways to better herself because she knows that change is gradual. She has a forgiving heart, but takes affirmative action. She wants to make a difference, but knows what is within her control.

She questions authority

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