6 Proven ways to boost self-confidence

(Awaken | Gabby Bernstein) Have you been struggling with self-confidence or maybe even feeling unworthy? You’re certainly not alone. I’ve been getting a lot of questions on Dear Gabby lately on this particular topic.

Ways to boost self-confidence

Check out the video below, where I share 6 ways you can ignite your confidence now.

Good-feeling emotions create momentum and power. It is your divine duty here on Earth to bring forth that greatness, that goodness, that light. So when you hear that voice in your head saying, You’re not worthy of feeling good, I want you to hear my voice come through instead, telling you, Who are you NOT to feel good? This is your divine purpose.

Abraham-Hicks says, “A belief is just a thought that you keep thinking.” You have the ability within you to change your negative thought patterns and grow, regardless of your circumstances, what’s happening around you, or another person’s reaction to you. As you remain devoted and committed to that personal growth, you will wake up new every single day—because those subtle shifts will move you forward with the energy of positive vibration.


This isn’t about being the perfect spiritual student or having all the affirmations from the world reflected back to you. This is about you committing to turning inward daily and creating subtle shifts that enable you to be new.

Source: Awaken

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