Conscious love and soul maturity

(OMTimes) Is the need of conscious love the consequence of soul maturity?

Throughout our lives, they have sold us the so-called “romantic love” almost always. We read about it in several books, we surrender to it in a thousand and one movies, in the hundreds of television series, and cheesy Hallmark films, and even through fashion and publicity.

Could we say, then, that “romantic love” is a kind of fraud? Perhaps not so much, or maybe yes. Despite this, we could define it more like an “unconscious love,” since, in a way, it is no more than an idealization than concrete, and practical relationships. In these types of relationships, we tend to establish a very intense attachment and a mutual dependence that almost never ends well.

It is not right to idealize love, neither to fantasize about what and how our ideal counterpart should be. Perhaps we will never be able to find it if we live by the perfect pattern we dream for ourselves. At times, it is often said that “true love does not come suddenly to someone, it comes from within ourselves.”

That is, the perfect relationship must be constructed in a “conscious” way, with effort, dedication and emotional maturity.

The conscious love does not fear loneliness

Let’s talk about conscious love. If you have never heard this expression, it is worthwhile to delve into it through some brushstrokes that will immediately enact what these effective relationships are that we want to describe for you:

Couples who love each other in a “conscious” way do not look like halves, like half the orange they need to unite to be one person. Absolutely not. They are complete people in themselves, who do not fear loneliness, which are whole oranges. They are able to offer their fullness and emotional maturity freely to their partners, to be mutually happy.

People who establish “unconscious” relationships are usually immature. They seek other people to fill their emotional voids, find a balance in their problems, and create, in turn, a generally toxic kind of addiction. For this, they have no questions manipulating, they develop subtle emotional blackmail systems, they fear to be alone again in that immaturity, in which they have not yet been able to learn to deal.

However, people who see themselves as complete and lucky enough to find equally emotionally mature counterparts can create this conscious love, where everything flows organically. There are no requirements, there are no voids to be filled, there are only a mutual trust and an understanding of where, daily, true love will be built. Not an ideal, not a prototype.  Just the authentic flow of love and partnership.

Conscious love does not fear.

How to establish a conscious relationship

Is it possible to establish emotional bonds that really work? Of course, yes. Building a relationship based on a conscious love, in the first place, should not start from a need to fill an emotional void since it is not a question of seeking. The moment we use that word, we show a lack, a necessity.

Enjoy more of yourself, of your experiences, your day to day life. Notice that you are always learning from everything and everybody.  Look to places where you can enrich yourself as a person to mature more within. Love will come when it has to appear, but do not strive to create an ideal, do not limit your potential of manifesting a partner with some Idealized blueprint of a perfect person.

To better understand, take note of the following 6 top pieces of advice:

1. It is best that you do not try to find the perfect person. Start for yourself, create, first of all, the person you want to be.

2. Build your emotional balance, reinforce your self-esteem, defend your values.

3. It is vital that you learn to be alone; understand that loneliness is neither harmful nor dangerous. Do not try to be with anyone just because you are afraid.

4. Never lose your imagination and your innocence when starting new relationships. Do not be afraid to make the same mistakes of the past; you learned a lot from these mistakes, and you know full well what you need now.

5. We know that, in a way, we have an idea of how we want it to be our perfect match. It is something that no one can avoid. However, if you are so discerning, be yourself the person you want to be by your side. After all, the right person will reflect on you, and you will be attracting the same energy you are vibrating.

6. Finally, always bear in mind one aspect: you are deserving of joy, of happiness and to be loved in full. Never doubt it.

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