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(OMTimes | Courtney Marchesani) Find true love with heart alchemy. If the reader is thinking, find true love, this will never work for me, think again. Heart Alchemy is a sacred experience which has been used since the third century B.C. It helps us travel inward into the life of our own magical heart. Heart Alchemy doesn’t mess with karma because we’re not trying to trap another soul in a relationship where they don’t belong. That would be more like sorcery. We’re pouring loving intent into our heart, which is no less virtuous than finding the elixir of life. When we keep our highest good alive in our intentions, there can be no ‘bad karma’. That all sounds beautiful, but how?

Alchemical practices for the magic of winter

Use the magic of winter and its element to find the irresistible true love we’ve been longing for.

A lot of times we have resistance about winter – the frozen quality of it. The power of winter is exactly this frozen aspect of water which forces us to go inward. Many of us flee, avoiding this valuable life force. Despite the cold nature of winter, there is deep nourishment that happens where we are held by water, virtually stopping all aimless wanderings, to collect oneself.

Using the alchemy of water and its reservoir of holding inside of us, we are reminded of our intentions to find loving commitment, are strengthened in the pursuit of it, and will eventually bring us together with those we long for – and who long for us.

Alchemical love Koan #1 – Write a list

Write down all the qualities a loving true-blue partner possesses. We consider things that are concrete, but also meaningful, and spiritual. This means searching our hearts for the things we admire, love, and desire within ourselves. Do we fancy the romance of vintage clothing, strategy of chess champions in the park, or are we dance maniacs? If so, the qualities in our partners would reflect our outward worldly pursuits such as “She loves music and loves to dance”, “He knows how to play a good game of chess”, or “He isn’t put off by my quirky love of all things vintage.”

Making a list is a way of taking ‘real’ qualities of a lover and putting them into form. It helps us organize our thought process about what we really want in a partner. Once all these qualities are put on paper, look at the list and chunk it down into a top ten. Try imagining the tender parts of your heart and the qualities of life you find most important. What would it look like to share them with someone else?

Alchemical love Koan #2 – Make an altar

This is one of the most exciting parts of the process. Use the whole dining table if need be. An altar is a sacred consecrating of the container of the heart. It’s a real-world manifestation of what the heart looks like inside of us. We use imagination, creativity, and juicy exciting items. Bring out favorite objects, light candles in old fashioned jars, or elegant candle stick holders. Pull out all the stops and make your altar the perfect picture of love designed by the heart. Imagine snowy scenes holding hands or ice-skating with your perfect partner, then draw it or find a picture which represents this ideal. Each morning and evening connect with the altar and say a silent prayer for love.

Alchemical love Koan #3 – Visualize (and then make a vision board)

Calm, peaceful meditations are an excellent way to connect with our own heart. Take a relaxing breath in. Then, slowly let it out. Do this three more times. Visualize the heart and imagine blue light healing the chambers, ventricles, and aorta. Picture the veins and blood moving freely in and out. This brings healing and strength. Once done with meditation, create a vision board filled with beautiful scenes depicting the things you love in life. If you’re having trouble, imagine when you were young. Think back and picture what you wanted when you were a child, imagining your perfect love. Give yourself free reign to create your vision board; there are no ‘wrong’ ways to create your masterpiece.

Alchemical love Koan #4 – Abstinence

This will flummox some, but abstinence is a key to find true love. Many may disagree, but using sexual energy to manifest reality has long been known through many cultures spiritual practices. When we take a break from sex it allows the body to heal and build up the much-needed reserves for a quest such as this. Consider it an aphrodisiac which will call lovers much faster into this new reality.

About the Author

Courtney Marchesani CEO of Inspired Potentials, is a Natural Health Coach. Courtney offers a supportive integrative mind-body-spirit approach which helps her clients determine areas of health that are high risk. She has worked as a Mental Health Practitioner in social services for over ten years, as a writer/publisher, and an administrator. Courtney specializes in the often hidden health struggles of Highly Sensitive People (HSP).

Source: OMTimes

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