Get to know the children of the zodiac

(OMTimes) Each of the children of the zodiac has specific characteristics and traits we can recognize and use to help reach their full potential.

The solar sign suggests the characteristics and interests of our children

The twelve solar signs of the zodiac represent qualities that can be reflected in the behavior of our children. Check out the main characteristics of each zodiacal sign and get inspired in the best way to educate those you love. It is worth remembering that in younger children, besides the zodiacal sign, aspects of the ascendant can also be readily perceived. If you wish to know your child in depth, it is essential to study the entire Astral Map, not only the Solar sign.

Aries children

The Aries child is full of energy, vitality and loves to live great adventures. With such a disposition, it is possible that this little one is always able to learn new things. However, those responsible for their education must be aware of their fearless way, which ignores the dangers that may be present most of the time. For this reason, the ideal is for the child to be told that extra steps for proper care must be taken in some situations. Another important teaching for the little Aries child is the ability to share his toys with friends, for example. Aries is a sign that likes to imagine that the universe revolves around itself. To channel and control that much energy, we strongly recommend the practice of sports that involves playing with a team. Aries is also good with the artistic use of their hands.

Taurus children

Quietly, the small Taurus are usually more emotionally stable than other children of the same age.

This is because Taurus prefers to focus his wills toward specific interests. It is possible for the children of this sign to cling to a single toy, to a friend or activity, for example. Therefore, those responsible for the education of this child should guide her to be more flexible and, mainly, in how to adapt to changes. As they are very stubborn, they may have some resistance to the novelties. But just have patience and respect the slower time that this child takes to accept the new situations.

Gemini children

Do not expect the Gemini child to be satisfied with shallow answers every time he asks something, driven by his natural curiosity. Ready speeches do not work for this little genius who already shows interest in everything that exists. It is a requirement that the parents or guardians of his child should be patient enough to give lengthy explanations of the restless Gemini’ mind and teach him to be more practical. On the other hand, having a child of this kind at home is a sign that boredom will never be a settling factor. They can make adults think about things they may never have been curious to know. Since Gemini is a sign of mutation, of Air, it will be interesting to change the decoration of that child’s room from time to time.

Cancer children

The person responsible for the education of a Cancerian child can expect to receive much affection from this child who is very participative in the family context. However, the Cancer child behavior of being attached may mean difficulty in getting rid of the family and seek their own voice and Identity.

Learning to be alone is a lesson that this little one should learn, though much he or she may initially show fear or insecurity in dealing with new situations. Like the crab that symbolizes the sign, the Cancer child usually retrieves into its shell before investing in new activities. It is advisable to respect the timing and the introspection phases of this little native.

Leo children

The leonine child was born to draw attention and be the center of attention. If you are responsible for such a young, prepare yourself to live moments of great joy alongside this generous native. However, it is important to teach you that each person has their own value and can be inimitable and unique in their own way. These little ones often regard themselves the only ones deserving praise. Another concern you must have when educating a leonine child is to show him who upholds the rules in the house. After all, these little ones have an easy time stealing the throne from others and many times will try to be reigning alone in the home. Like every child with a Fire sign, she must learn to respect limits.

Virgo children

Apparently shy, the Virgo child has an intense power to observe all the people and situations around her. Since it is an early interest in research and intellectual activities, it is crucial that those responsible for their education stimulate this side early. This kid cares too much so it will be interesting to try to replace criticism of him with enthusiastic incentives instead. It is worth remembering that Virgos live better in contact with nature, rather than very urbanized environments. If you live in the city, how about taking this child for a walk in the park or in the zoo? She will feel refreshed!  If you want to give your Virgo child a gift, prioritize intellectually stimulating toys, as they tend to be so picky, and very critical.

Libra children

Libra children usually have difficulties in choosing things. They also do not like unnecessary fights. It is vital that those responsible for their instruction do not stimulate domestic quarrels for stupid reasons or expose this small one to silly misunderstandings. A lover of harmony, this child can show adults how to find understanding in adverse situations. Another nice feature of Libra child is knowing how to see the real desires of other people. For this reason, it is possible for your child to have a comfortable relationship with all kinds of people and to have friends who love him and admire his ability to know how to share what he has.

Scorpio children

Because they hold intense feelings since the youngest age, the Scorpio child can adopt an “all or nothing” behavior that is not simple to be administered. These little ones love and hate without half terms, and for this reason, they find it difficult to relate to people indifferently. There is no gray area for them. It is essential for those responsible for their education to teach these little ones the art of moderation, to learn to relax, to forgive and be less suspicious. And do not try to hide anything from this extra sensitive and perceptive child. Even though he’s young, the little Scorpio captures what people are feeling. As it has an attraction for the mysterious and paranormal, a good idea of a gift for this native is the games of divination.

Sagittarius children

The Sagittarius child is the joy of the house. Humorous and in constant need of movement, this child does not like having imposed limits and restrictions. The Sagittarian child needs ample spaces to satisfy all his need to live great adventures. The biggest challenge for adults who live with this little one is to show him that it is not possible to do everything he wants or to go wherever he wants, every time he wants it. Also, the parents should reinforce the importance of discipline, which must be demonstrated with care. Usually, because little Sagittarians think that life is a party, they must learn the importance of assuming duties and obligations.

Capricorn children

The impression that those responsible for a little Capricorn can have is that this child was born much older, understanding the need to assume responsibilities and obligations. However, this little one should be encouraged to live the moments of leisure and enjoy his childhood. Playing, relaxing and getting away from worries that are not fit for your age is a good start. Another aspect of Capricorn is the difficulty in dealing with emotions. Crying in front of unknown people, for example, can cause embarrassment to this child. In attempting to hide his deep sensibility, the little Capricorn may appear a certain coldness in his behavior. Joyful activities with playmates are encouraged.

Aquarius children

Creative as anyone, the little Aquarian can see life beyond the children of other signs. It’s as if they could easily imagine the future. With humanitarian ideals from a young age, Aquarian children know the importance of sharing and thinking for the good of all. For this reason, it is common that they have friends of the most varied types. Those responsible for the education of this child should be aware of the ingenuity that the natives can present. In this sense, it is fundamental that children learn to deal better with the practical reality of life. The goal is to keep the little Aquarian from being disappointed by realizing that his crazy ideas do not always have room in the harsh world we live in, but at the same time that their uniqueness is necessary to make the world a better place.

Pisces children

Do not be fooled by the unfocussed posture that the Piscean child may present. The zodiac’s most sensitive little one can capture the energy of the environment and see everything that happens around him or her. As he naturally identifies himself with the victims, he is endowed with much affection and compassion for others. Those responsible for their education should teach you not to be used or deceived by people with wicked intentions. Nevertheless, even when he suffers some disappointment, the Piscean tries not to fall and moves on with his goodwill and kindness.

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