Men and the divine feminine

(OMTimes | Jill M. Jackson) It is past time that we learn the balance the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. A definite crusade is occurring to help balance the duality between male and female. From the #MeToo movement to celebrities such as Ashely Judd and Selma Hayek speaking out against abuse and injustice, the momentum is rising towards a revolution of extraordinary proportions. How can men play an important role in this transformation without feeling fear or a loss of their identity?

What is the divine feminine movement?

For thousands of years, we have resided in a world of male dominance. The disparity caused by the polarity and the lack of balance has contributed to a world in turmoil. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the divine feminine movement seeks to counterbalance the inequality.

Instead of focusing on power and dominance, the divine feminine movement celebrates the strengths of the female expression including intuition, harmony, creativity, and healing. It honors the Goddess and encourages reconnecting with Source, nature, and beauty.

Women by nature are responsible for birthing. Awakening the divine feminine is about playing the role of midwife to facilitate the birthing of our planet into a place of unity and conscious evolution. It is about honoring and appreciating our Mother Earth for all She provides us. It is about appreciating the diversity of all existence.

The divine feminine movement is not about female dominance. That concept is not even a recognizable attribute of the female archetype. The divine feminine reveres all life. It is about choreographing a sacred dance of equality, tolerance, and justice.

How can men assist in the transformation?

Stereotypical male behavior is hardly consistent with the divine feminine movement. According to Wikipedia, those stereotypes include assertiveness, courage, and independence. Many men have their very identity buried in the depths of dominance, control, and leadership. As the divine feminine rises, men may feel their realities are crumbling. The perceived loss of control may cause feelings of uneasiness and inadequacy.

A few reminders and shifts in perspective may help men welcome the movement and assist in the transformation.

First, is remembering that they incarnated to raise their vibration and further develop their soul. By recognizing the need for the perfect balance of yin and yang or masculine and feminine, they can assist with the merging together of a symbiotic union.

Some men chose soul contracts to incarnate in this lifetime with their twin flames. Twin flame relationships are not always about rainbows and butterflies. Why is this? The very nature of a twin flame connection is to mirror each other. After all, the twin flames are part of the same soul. If a male twin flame has incarnated now, while the divine feminine expression is undergoing a revolutionary transformation, the male flame has chosen to take part in this cosmic dance.

A shift in perspectives and belief patterns is also advisable. It’s empowering to move from fear of losing control and feeling powerless into embracing the strength required to facilitate change. It’s helpful for men to realize the movement of the divine feminine is not about female supremacy. Her goals are women standing in their peaceful power, celebrating and embracing the amazing attributes of quiet strength and speaking their truth from the depths of their souls.

Men have an opportunity to help orchestrate a beautiful symphony of conscious evolution by celebrating and supporting the sacred feminine. When men remember their authentic selves and the duality that exists within all of us, a true synergy between the sexes is possible.

How do men and women join forces?

Men have an amazing opportunity to expand their soul growth during these extraordinary times. One of the main factors in this expansion is men remembering their soul contract to participate in this shift. Most of the men who incarnated during this great change agreed to a soul contract where they will hold space and lift the women in their lives to an even greater height. It’s imperative to recognize the significance men play in this transformation.

This journey may be challenging for men. Change is never easy, and the very foundation of what men believe about their place in society is being shaken to the core. Women can help ease men’s fears and resistance. As they celebrate the achievements of equality and respect, women must also remember to embrace compassion, understanding, and appreciation for the changes the men around them are undergoing.

The Spiritual Law of Gender is in place to assist both men and women. The key to mastering this Universal Law is to have an equal balance of yin and yang, masculine and feminine. We are moving out of a masculine dominated World into a more Divine Feminine expression. The perfect symbiotic union between the two is, however, still our goal. As we begin to understand this sacred merger, the closer we are to understanding the Law of Divine Oneness.

About the author

Jill M. Jackson is the 2016 and 2015 Psychic of the Year by Best American Psychics. She was given the Social Activism award in 2014. Jill is an international Psychc Medium, Author, Spiritual Teacher, and Speaker.

Source: OMTimes  Photo credit: jaci XIII

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