What if you could see behind the veil?

(OMTimes | Gia Dalton) What if you could lift the veil and had the ability to see a soul? Would you accept that you are part of a limitless and infinite collective consciousness? What would it be like to overcome fear by rejecting superficial ideologies and dogmas? Could you connect to a higher frequency of love, identifying with others, not only as individuals, but as souls integrally connected?

What if we could lift the veil?

There is a oneness that is beautiful and pure. Lift the veil, what would you see? Imagine a group of souls communicating with each other regarding how they wish to evolve with the aspiration to be more like God. What if before you were born you had several conversations with other souls that went something like this: “Hey Brent, in my next life, I need to learn selflessness and compassion. Could you meet up with me in 10 years and teach me that? Karen, it was wonderful being your sister last time around, but would you help me with tolerance and acceptance? Sally, I really need to work on being humble. Could you meet me when I’m 35?”

Perhaps, it’s an addiction you’d like to experience to become more compassionate towards others with addictions. You may desire to live with a disease with aspirations of becoming a compassionate healer or may choose to live in poverty or extreme wealth.

All lessons would be predetermined. You’d essentially know what your journey would look like with some unexpected twists and turns along the way. How you decide to respond once you have incarnated is up to you as you still have free will.

Here you are born into a story with some foundational aspects revealed at birth, like where you live, nationality, and parents. Your religion is most often dictated to you along with the language you learn to communicate. Your socialization and domestication are also predetermined. You will be expected to accept belief systems that are not your own. Once you have matured, you could boldly and courageously replace the belief systems you’ve inherited with your own. In some societies, there will be consequences, but that would also be part of your evolution and transcendence should you decide to challenge what you’ve been taught.

What if you accepted the idea that everyone, including yourself, has chosen a spiritual assignment before incarnation, and whatever you or they are experiencing is the result of those choices? Would you be more compassionate even with yourself? Could you intuitively, empathically and automatically understand?

What if, for one day, everyone in the world could lift the veil and see the soul of every other human being? What would they see? More importantly, what wouldn’t they see behind the veil? Would the experience of seeing a soul change everything? Could anyone ever go back to living behind the veil?

Labels would vanish

Think about it. Labels would vanish. There would be no distinction between straight, lesbian, homosexual, transgender, single, married, divorced or widowed. There would be no gender or skin color. Nationality wouldn’t matter. No distinction would exist between Catholic, Christian, Islamic, Buddhist, Muslim or Atheist. Drug addict, alcoholic, gambler, cheat or thief would be nonexistent. It wouldn’t matter if you were a president, ambassador, doctor, attorney, teacher or farm worker. It wouldn’t matter if you were called selfish, jealous, rude, weak, strong, kind, gentle, rich, poor or homeless. There would be no disease or any manifestation of a body that is sick. Dwarf, midget, giant, little person, tall, short, freak, pretty, beautiful, ugly, handsome, good looking or any other label would totally disappear.

The only thing that you would see is a soul, which is an illumination of pure, radiant color and light – a beautiful embodiment of love and translucent energy. A sense of peace and joy would flood through every cell of your body. As you inhale and exhale deeply, you would release all that is not real, and in that moment, experience nirvana as the veil is lifted.

The soul before you is grounded beautifully in love with an authentic journey. The identifying, segregating, limiting shell has vanished. Agreements that have been unknowingly made disappear as you experience an immediate shift in understanding and accepting that everything is aligned with a single phase in evolution for one life time, somewhere between the moment of conception and death that could span over 100 years. You recognize the soul as that soul is also a part of you, and you accept the idea of birth, death and transition. You feel at home.

What if the person is evil, would I still see a soul behind the veil? Personally, I believe that once the veil has been lifted, seeing purely through the eyes of love, evil hiding under any disguise or manifestation would disappear, returning to its native nothingness.

You would see an unfolding and a regeneration with the purpose of evolving higher in every area to one day reach a God Consciousness, so profound that there would be no separation from God. You would think, act and respond like God. You would see only through the eyes of love, blind to anything or anyone that could cause separation, blind to injustice, war, hate, and most importantly fear.

Only when the veil is lifted, it would not seem so odd when people come out from behind the walls they’ve built for protection. Stories that trend on social media would not cause you to shake your head in bewilderment.

By separating yourself from superficial perceptions and ideologies, you’d accept that everyone has a soul journey with lessons to learn are merely passing through. You would understand without judgment or criticism, empathizing with whatever anyone was dealing with because you would know it was crafted, more times than not, by their own hand.

If we, collectively could do that, lift and see a soul beyond the veil, life would make much more sense. Everything that may have once seemed insignificant or nonsensical would hold deeper meaning. You would not be so inclined to analyze, judge or scrutinize the life and choices of anyone. You would know that this life experience was designed for their highest good. Just as yours has been designed for you. You would constantly seek knowledge and truth, while taking responsibility for the change you’d like to see in the world and in yourself, doing so compassionately and with kindness. You would know that what you resist will follow you again and again until you get it right.

If we all had soul vision, everyone around the world would know that they are intricately united. One nation under God, under Spirit. One planet under God, under Spirit. The same God that created the Universe, the heavens and the earth. The same God that resides within you.

If you aspire to be closer to God and to adopt a God-like consciousness, the first step in that evolution is learning to see through the veil…the facade. Lift the veil and choose to see a soul through the eyes of love. Accept that everyone has divine purpose and are part of a much greater plan, and you are here to transcend illusion.

About the author

Gia Dalton is a visionary writer, speaker, coach, teacher and Intuitive Life Strategist. Currently writing a book, Gia operates a private concierge holistic practice. A modern Bohemian Guru, she states, “My mission is to motivate, empower and inspire the lives of others with integrity, beauty and love.”

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