Wisdom of the hidden knowing

(OMTimes | Elohim Yael) Rational knowing versus hidden knowing.

More than ever, we feel we need a miracle to create a better and loving world. Although everyone has a different view on what this world looks like, in our hearts we all long to experience joy and harmony in our everyday lives. This desire finds its origin in a deep and universal entrustment in a promise of oneness and wholeness.

When we go back to this ancient connection of trust, we enable ourselves to connect with the essence for inner peace and living together in unity and harmony.

To accomplish this, we have to let go of our straight way of thinking and interpreting because this holds us back from making the impossible possible. This has to do with the way our mind works and its focus on rationalizing things. It wants visible and logical proof for both the impossible and the possible and focuses on what it believes to be possible. This way, the mind excludes things it does not hold possible.

Our hidden knowing on the other hand – like our gut feeling and intuition – believes everything to be possible. It makes connections intuitively and does not need visible proof to hold things possible.

Magic realism through hidden knowing

As both elements – the rational and hidden knowing – are inside us, we are capable of making the impossible possible. Such magic realism is inside each of us. Therefore, the miracle of hope is literally inside us.

The way to connect with the potential of the miracle of hope lies in our heart. As the power of the heart builds bridges between our rational and hidden knowing. Together with the power of imagination that interconnects the possible and impossible and the explainable and unexplainable in us, we realize magic moments directly. These are moments in which the possibility of making the impossible possible exists.

In such a moment, both elements, the disbelief, and trust, the familiar and unimaginable, the reachable and unlikable, are equal partners in the present. All can be present at the same time without judgment on their value.

Then, in a way, the possibility and impossibility melt together towards a solution of wholeness.

We can only achieve this by connecting ourselves with both elements-with the possible and impossible being present at the same time and as equal partners. The video of the Pyramid and the Pool (below) depicts this process of dissolving nicely.

The power of the heart

With the heart involved, this melting process is easier. The heart can build bridges through its warmth and compassion. Whereas, the head differentiates; it rationally separates me from the other, us from them, possible from impossible and so on. We bridge this idea of separateness by putting ourselves in the shoes of the other person. We find these similarities, and mutual differences or rational judgments dissolve. All of a sudden it is possible to create harmony where it was found unthinkable before.

An inspiring example of compassion

A working group on activism in relation to social justice at the Cork University in Ireland effectuated this message of compassion.

During a meeting before their concluding presentation on this topic, one of the presenters brought forward how compassion interconnects towards a solution.

This message created disbelief and a vivid dialogue. But as the message was brought from the heart the following days the disbelief with the fellow presenters turned into inner felt belief. Now during the presentation (end of this April) at the university similar dynamics happened.

First, when the message of compassion was shared, this again triggered both intensely emotional and rational responses with the tutor’s ad audience; from ‘How do we get politicians to think this way?’ to ‘I am not important enough to be able to change the world.’

But as the presenters stood together as one when bringing across the message of compassion, creating awareness, building bridges, and awakening a mutual understanding. Thus, dissolving unbelief and disharmony, and inspiring all present.

Rising above the unlikelihood

Once we enable ourselves to rise above our own little islands,

once we let go of all disbelief and inherent thoughts,

we let go the interpretations of what is possible and what not,

once we connect through the heart with compassion

than we seed for the miracle hope entails.

It is up to us to connect with this potential and give it magical meaning. Only then, we bring alive the full potential of the miracle hope entails and realize peace on earth. May this message encourage you on your path of sowing the seeds of hope.

With special thanks to the inspiration of the working group in Cork.

About the Author

Through her articles and presence, Yael reminds you of unconditional compassion. This is an important step on the path towards living in harmony. She invites you to experience a deep connection with both yourself and the whole as heartily as possible. Yael embodies the Elohim essence. This means she is connected to the Universe from a clear awareness of harmony and unity.

Source: OMTimes

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