We are all connected with nature: Nixiwaka Yawanawa at TEDxHackney

(TEDxHackney) An Amazon indigenous View: Nixiwaka Yawanawa talks about the changing climate, and how indigenous people may have the answer. At the end, he gives an example of one of his tribe’s songs, a song to say goodbye after a visit. Nixiwaka Yawanawa provides a fascinating perspective.

“The rainforest is also our pharmacy. Our spiritual leaders are known as ‘doctors of the rainforest’. They know the powers of our medicinal herbs and plants. From tree bark to frog saliva, we hold the answers for cures and poisons alike. The forest is a magical place”.

“What people need is more love and to understand each other.” -Nixiwaka Yawanawa


Nixiwaka Yawanawá

“Nixiwaka was born in Kaxinawa, the most sacred part of the Yawanawá lands in the western Brazilian Amazon. There are over 900 Yawanawá, living in 8 tribal villages. The name Yawanawá translates as ‘The People of the Wild Boar’ and the rainforest provides their food, housing, medicine and virtually everything they need. As a child, Nixiwaka learned to speak portuguese and in 2010, he travelled to the UK to learn English so the tribe could represent themselves on a world stage. After 5 years living between London and Brazil he moved back to his tribe and has been living in the Amazon Rainforest full time for the past two years, training as a shaman”.

Source: TEDx

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