Coronavirus: the ethical dilemma for humanity

(OMTimes | Liane Buck) The spiritual implication and meaning of the coronavirus pandemic has brought a series of inner questioning and incited reevaluation from our society.

The ethical dilemma of the coronavirus pandemic

On pressing the rest button or the spiritual implication and meaning of the coronavirus pandemic

Any transition serious enough to alter your definition of self will require not just small adjustments in your way of living and thinking but a full-on metamorphosis.

~ Martha Beck

The current global pandemic Is no doubt causing an uproar in our humanity’s psyche, and it is also bringing its reflection on the spiritual significance of the coronavirus for this civilization at this time.

The ever-increasing number of victims and infected people, as well as its uncontrollable spread in dozens of countries, has had a bearing on all people’s lives without any distinction whatsoever. The main feeling of all is one of vulnerability and helplessness. The general perception is that one is defenseless against an invisible and unknown enemy and can feel very creepy. The belief in global stability has also been disturbed, also impacting the worldwide economies that have been plunged into a downturn that implies that both individuals and companies may have their income and livelihoods compromised.

But what are the possible lessons that can be collected from this coronavirus pandemic experience of global proportions?

For one, Life as everyone knew it so far has changed dramatically. It is an auspicious time to go within and introspection.

Every single thing that might have been considered immutable has been affected today by this pandemic. No one could have previewed a few weeks ago that the rhythm of the World would be brought to a halt. People should stay put, sheltered in their homes under the fear of contracting the virus and risking their own lives.

It is a time where we must, as conscious Individuals, find meaning in everything we are living in. Try to connect all your emotions and always think that everything will be overcome. This is important; the sense of purpose which carries us during challenging times needs to keep realizing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Everything must stop in order to continue

The global mobilization around COVID-19  or Coronavirus Pandemic will not only have implications for the way we organize our health systems, but it should also shape the way we structure the economy, politics, and culture for the future.

The new paradigm will be based on quick decisions and emergencies, taken amid what (hopefully) will be the biggest crisis seen by our present world generation.

Pause and evaluate everything that already exists in freedom, in social contact, human relations, nature, everything that even money cannot buy. Ultimately, it will be possible for all of us, as individuals or communities, to assume a new awareness of how we should see Life and how to value every moment of this exquisite Human existence.

In Jewish belief, there is a specific day of the week reserved to Pause. It is specifically reserved to stay in contact with the family, reflect, reconnect, and think and allow the body and soul to rest and reset.

In Christian tradition, this period encompasses the 40 days of the Lent season, which is interpreted as a period of purification and contemplation. Chronologically you can place the time as the forty days before Easter Sunday; and coincidence or not, the mandatory isolation that those who have or are under the suspicion of having the coronavirus have to obey is also a period of soul introspection, purification, and rebirth.

The world is changing – the transition between eras

The mystical meaning of coronavirus invites us to think that the world needs to unite, to develop a strategy of cooperation. It stands for a unique opportunity for different countries and cultures that are often confronted by disagreements that seem irreconcilable, to perceive that it is time to join forces to move forward with cooperation and collaboration efforts.

The days to come could involve individuals as well as entire Nations questioning how they consume common resources, how they are keeping our common resources healthy and renewable, as nothing will be promised and secured. The leading role of each community, each government, and individuals will be of vital importance.

A caring society of the future will remove the conditions responsible for greed, envy, hate, revenge, and other undesirable human emotions. In a resource-based economy, when people no longer live in fear of losing their jobs or being insecure in old age, and when they have access to things that were not available to them in a monetary system, then love will not be merely a word, but a way of Life. When humans learn to live in harmony with nature and with one another, then spirituality will be a way of Life rather than just empty talk. In a more sophisticated and humane society, emotions would be harnessed and expressed in appropriate behaviors or action patterns.

Jacque Fresco (1916 – 2017)

Ethical Dilemma
The Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius also dealt with Infections disease, a pandemic that was called the Antonine Plague

Memento mori: we are mortals

The COVID 19 or coronavirus has brought to the table the need to understand that things can change in seconds, and we can all do something to make humanity take a different turn.

Have we been here before? We certainly have. In the year 165 AD, The Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius also dealt with Infections disease, a pandemic that was called the Antonine Plague. Despite the distance from the sands of time, this pestilence afflicted Marcus Aurelius’ empire for almost 15 years, and it was eerily similar to our COVID 19. The ancient plague spread in all directions, crossing borders and then oceans. Festivals, gatherings, and sports events were delayed when not ultimately canceled. The economy plunged. The plague, in its time, started with flu-like symptoms and with a mortality rate between 2 and 3%. During this pandemic, the Roman Empire looked like a devastating place, instead of the World Power of the Ancient World.

The Emperor took precautions to ensure his citizen’s wellbeing. He made the people of his empire a priority as he did the best, he could deal with a pandemic that eventually killed between 10 and 18 million people in his empire. Many times, he repeated to his people to remain calm and to “Bear in mind constantly that this had happened before, and it will happen again, the same plot from beginning to end.” And so, we all in this modern World will get through this. Nothing of this is new; we have been through this before.

How many times we complain unnecessarily about conditions that we consider terrible, and that could be assumed differently.

An important thing that calls for reflection is the fact that this virus attacks everyone and anyone equally. On this pandemic, it does not matter if you have great resources, if you belong to a higher social class or are in a mighty nation, the whole World can be affected.

In many contexts, people have begun to think that money is useless without health, and Life is not safeguarded. Highlight the simplicity, the genuine, that which is valued but often forgotten.

Coronavirus – an ethical dilemma for humanity

Everything that is in the heavens, on earth, and under the earth is penetrated with connectedness, penetrated with relatedness

Hildegard of Bingen

Where do we go from here, do we even know what would be the new normal? If nothing, the COVID 19 had shown to be a challenge as a world test for citizenship and social responsibility. But the progression of the disease and the general disposition of communities will determine what sides we are humanity will position ourselves: Is one side adopting a posture of nationalist isolation or one of collaboration and of global solidarity, to mitigate/eliminate global effects of this pandemic in all social sectors of our global society. Maybe we need to thrive towards a more encompassing and compassionate attitude towards our Brothers and Sisters, and towards our common World and our environment.

Maintain a positive outlook during the coronavirus pandemic

During this period, people must keep their thoughts and attitude positive. Do not allow panic and apprehension to paralyze you or to throw you into a state of hopelessness and depression. This, too, shall pass. In the immortal words of the Roman Playwriter Terence: “Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto,” or “I am human, and I think nothing human is alien to me.”

Share your feelings, thrive on finding the strength and power inside yourself. This is a significant time for us all; add to the general wellbeing of others and of yourself, add more instead of criticizing.

Source: OMTimes

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