Are you a highly sensitive person?

(OMTimes | Lynn Zambrano) Highly sensitive people (HSP) flow in and out of energy fields. The greatest gift you can give yourself is to learn how to identify and surrender the emotions you feel. These emotions come from you, and because we are all connected, everybody else as well, since it is oneness we are experiencing.

With the experience of oneness you feel as a person who is highly sensitive, you may often find yourself in a state of confusion. What is yours? What have you picked up from another? The bottom line is you are feeling the emotion. The origin isn’t important. How you process it is. If not handled correctly, you will accumulate layers and layers of negativity. This, in turn, will give you a low energetic signature and attract more negative emotions and experiences.

Highly sensitive person – flow with it

Learn to pause, identify your experience and the highly sensitive emotion behind it without labeling or judging (creating and attaching to thought forms) and flow with it rather than resist. This eases discomfort and dis-ease. Resistance causes MORE discomfort.

Highly sensitive person – how it works

Emotions and their corresponding frequencies influence thoughts and beliefs, which in turn, either keeps the cycle going or offers you the opportunity for transcendence. Emotion + thought = belief system, which creates a cascade of involuntary reactivity. Your work is to feel the highly sensitive emotion without attaching thought and creating a story. Emotions are transitory and have a beginning and end. You must allow the feeling to be until it dissipates. Then, accept, surrender (let go) and transcend into the next higher frequency.

Highly sensitive person – the stories you tell

Emotion, energetic frequency, and thoughts create the story line in ego mind and casts ripples throughout the collective consciousness. This creates reality. Ego mind takes your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs and projects them into the world to validate and create your experience. Everything comes into form through vibration, and each feeling has a frequency and vibrational rate. Thoughts and beliefs mold it accordingly. Balance between conscious mind and ego mind is critical. Without it, you are not mindfully creating, but instead are creating unconsciously, which leads to chaos and suffering.

Highly sensitive person – becoming aware

Highly sensitive people have keen intuition and feel what others feel. Understanding sensitivity of a person who is highly sensitive, and growing beyond into a highly aware person, is the next step. A mass awakening is occurring as more people will find that they are tuning into vibrations of others. This is the first step of the returning to self (conscious mind). Often, it is not until challenged or overwhelmed that you seek change. The highly sensitive person is learning that there is no separateness. This step leads to exploring why this is happening and how you can manage overwhelm, as you determine just what is going on. When you explore and change what is within (vibrational frequencies), the world around you changes. It must because it is only a mirror for you to experience and validate your illusionary experience of separateness. Now, you can begin to create with conscious mind by extending your higher vibrational patterns.

Highly sensitive person – evolution

Why are you both self (ego) and self (conscious mind)? According to writer and psychotherapist, Elaine Aron, about 20% of the population is highly sensitive. She further explains that being so was a desirable trait during mankind’s very early history. During hunter/gatherer times, this attribute allowed us to be an early warning detection system, while helping us survive harsh environments where predators were numerous. She has also done studies that appear to suggest that persons who are highly sensitive have lower serotonin levels. This ties in with the ability to detect subtle change and fluctuations in the environment and also explains why many highly sensitive people suffer periods of depression.

Another interesting aspect is considering self (ego) as a survival tool. Using heightened sensitivity protected early man from danger and also created “I,” “me,” and “mine.” Adopting positional relevance led to greater development of self and gave rise to ego self of modern man. Ego self has allowed the individual experience of human form in the world. This experience has peeked with exponential growth. Highly sensitive people, who throughout history have used their sensitivity and intuition to herald approaching change for others, are now activating in growing awareness.

Highly sensitive person – white water rapids of self (ego)

Navigating through self allows emergence of true self (conscious mind), which is the spiritual purpose of all highly sensitive people. This transcendence actuates reality and directly affects all people in contact with the highly sensitive person and simultaneously the collective consciousness. When operating from self (conscious mind), the energetic frequency is very high. It is from this frequency that self creates reality or actualizes the appearance of a high frequency world. What would that look like? Miracles, peace, love, joy and the experience of oneness, or connectedness in peace, love and joy. The end of chaos, pain and suffering. Heaven on Earth experienced by all.

About the author

Lynn is an Highly Sensitive Person advocate and uses writing to share perceptions on intuition, emotion, energetic frequency and thought forms. She is heralding the transformation of HSPs (highly sensitive persons) into HAPs (highly aware persons).

Source: OM Times

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