Making Lilith and her shadow visible again

(OMTimes | Elohim Yael ) Continuing our look into Lilith’s role.

Lilith, representing everything the ‘role of mother and wife’ does not, fell into shadow as a result of obligation of the feminine to the masculine. The previous OMTimes Magazine article, Lilith, shadowing the feminine dilemma, covered this.

However, she embodies another shadow part of humanity as well. She stands as a metaphor for the inner constraint of freedom, which has been the result of the patriarchal system and its masculine focus on the form and its tangibility. Lilith’s deeper meaning makes us aware of a deeper layer that would allow us to experience more (inner) freedom.

Inner wandering of the feminine

During the rise of the patriarchal traditions, one part of the feminine chose to support the masculine approach and its designing style of creation out of obligation, and while doing so, she retreated. The other part, that Lilith represents, felt restrained in her freedom and fled to escape reality. This lead to Lilith’s wandering. Deep down, this created a struggle within the feminine, as the previous article explained. The masculine’s focus on form and tangibility led to something else as well. A person’s own-form, the race or color and the individual identification were placed above the others on a value scale. The outer perception – the outside – disconnected from the inner perception – the inside. Things perceived as tangible and visible oppressed the non-tangible or non-visible, pushing it into the background, the shadow. It ‘disappeared’ and therefore was forgotten. One wasn’t conscious of it anymore, leading into inner wandering.

Throwing light onto the inner shadow

Fallen into shadow, Lilith and her qualities ‘disappeared’, literally and figuratively covered up by both the feminine and the masculine. This suppression enlarged the dark side of Lilith’s fire such as her anger and eagerness for wanting to be free from ties (independence).

The reconciliation between both parts of the feminine and the masculine is initiated by bringing Lilith’s qualities out of the shadow, thereby shedding a light on them, and reconnecting them. Only through awareness can we bring these wounded parts into our conscious and start the process of healing.

However, Lilith represents more shadow. We can compare her wandering with the ‘inner wandering’ humanity experienced during the earthly experience of duality and disharmony, the period following paradise. Becoming aware (again) of one’s inner shadow parts is an important key in freeing ourselves from restrictions within that reinforce the experience of duality.

Making Lilith visible again

One can achieve this by accepting all inner shadow – both aspects within oneself, the sunny or fun sides, the dark or lesser sides and conscious and unconscious parts – and by taking responsibility for these aspects. However, this inner shadow does not need taming. It needs recognition, embracement, and rocking; it is to be (present). This process will make us aware of a deeper layer of inner freedom. Lilith’s deeper meaning contributes to this in general.

Lilith, therefore, represents an important aspect of realization and contemplation through the renewed inner experience of oneness and wholeness.

In other words, one could say that her return is vital for the ‘Return of Paradise on Earth’. Lilith is liberated in oneself, and collectively, by giving her a voice and making her visible. Her voice brings the soft cradling of feminine empowerment. The next three articles on Lilith will explain the important role she has in re-harmonizing the masculine and feminine. Those feeling connected to Lilith and her energy feed this process additionally and have a pioneering role.

With special thanks to them, you and your process work!

This is the second in a series of articles for OMTimes focusing on Lilith. Read the first installment at the link above. The next relates to: The heart of the Feminine struggle.

About the Author

Yael’s essence is Elohim. This essence stands for universal oneness and awareness of essence. It awakens deeper levels of connectedness, with(in) yourself and the universe. Yael enables you to connect with this potential through articles and gatherings. With her essence, she contributes greatly to the process of bringing back purity within the true meaning of light, which is universal and rises above duality.

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