How the wrong company creates wrong energy fields

(OMTimes |Baba Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari) Is the company you are keeping creating energetic roadblocks in your life?

How the company we keep can create the wrong energy fields

In this practical, material world of ours, we travel with people who may be drawn to the pole of negative energy. Their number is too large in a society that is not oriented to the inner spirit. In such families, children hardly get the opportunity to see the family elders practicing the art of joyful living, tolerance, and compassion in the midst of difficult circumstances. As a result, when children grow up seeing disruptive outbursts of harmful power games of control and anger, they cannot but absorb those wrong vibrations in their subconscious mind. As adults manifest that negativity, it brings a chain reaction of hurtful situations. The wrong company creates the wrong energy fields, and it is painful for anyone who is close to that field of energy.

Gossip: the major roadblock

One of the significant manifestations of wrong energy is the habit of gossiping. When we criticize, find fault, or talk ill about anyone in his or her absence it is gossip. Gossip is a significant roadblock to a happy state of mind and good health.  If we have an opinion about someone, why don’t we discuss it with him or her in person, rather than behind their backs? Gossip’s impact on the body and mind is poisonous. Families are destroyed, the workplace and every social space are polluted with this mindset.

Some people love to gossip, and other people value their time and energy and devote it to the positive side of life. Let us together join the latter group so that we can create a collective consciousness in a world that thrives on love and forgiveness, harmony and peace.

In this way, it is always a good practice to refrain from judgmental comments about others or ourselves. Our opinion does not always have value.  Our words are not always needed, and it is vital for our wellbeing that we not participate in gossip or negative news or conversations. These do not add value to our lives, but instead, drain our good energies. We avoid this pitfall when we choose carefully what to say, how to say it, how much to say, what to listen to, and from what to withdraw. This is a learning process.

Satsanga, being in the company of the truth

We have all experienced great inspiration and joy in the company of some persons, books, pictures, or symbols. They had sparks of truth and the charge of positive power in them. When we came close to them, the aura of positive light and power entered us, penetrated our inner being, and the feeling that we perceived was elation, happiness, delight, and meditative celebration.  We were in Satsang with them.

In India, from our early childhood, we heard from our grandparents that it is the holy company, it is the company of good people, that helps us to be on the righteous path of contentment and joy in life. In Sanskrit, the oldest language in the world, it is called Satsanga. Sat means the indestructible, unalterable, unchangeable truth. Sanga means company. The meaning of Satsanga is to be in the company of truth that transcends all the trifles of life, to be with our spiritual self, to be closest to who we truly are.

When our minds are not given to all that is wrong in the world, or in our family, or in our own lives, then our minds have only one option. That is to dwell on the thoughts of all that is right in the world, right in the family, right in our own life. It is our choice. This choice, to choose Satsanga, is the greatest power that the Universe has given us. Which company do we prefer? Until the right company is selected, the mind will keep playing its illusive tricks of self-deception even in the name of the divine.  Divine energy resides in mind and the thoughts of affirmations and trust in the unfailing power and protection that the Universe gives us every moment. Everything can fail, but the Universal Intelligence and compassion can never fail or falter. To nurture this thought in mind is to be in the right company!

Connecting with goodness both outside and inside

Therefore try to befriend those who are sincerely in the path of yoga or meditation; their number could be small, but at least we can share our resolve with them as a co-traveler on the path to light. That means we don’t depend on gossip and putting down others for a high!! We want to develop the power of meditation to experience true joy and elation. We need to stay focused on our path. We befriend our mind first through meditation and inner introspection of who we truly are. Then we finally start to discover the reality that all that we need in life is not out there with a group of gossiping so-called “friends,” but in the silent recess of our heart.

Even our cells respond to the environment and not just their genetic destiny or internal environment. As such if we can keep good company both outside and inside, our life will turn towards Positivity. On the outside, we can connect with the goodness in others. We can connect with the companionship and friendship with people who are more spiritually and ethically anchored with a cheerful demeanor, people who understand us and our needs, and people who can boost our passion for uplifting our self to the higher domain of a blissful state of mind.

And on the inside, let us court the company of positive self-talk. Let us all first create an inner environment that affirms the life of abundance for everything as it all comes from the source of the divinity, which is unlimited. Let us meditate and feel our breaths, feel the body as the most beautiful temple ever, and generate a positive energy field inside so that we are healed first, so that we feel good inside first, and then we can truly become good human beings who help others in their journey toward peace and happiness. Isn’t life a gift to be happy and make others happy and create a happy world? Together we can all make it happen for sure!

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Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari (India): Globally acclaimed spiritual and inspirational speaker, author, and visionary social advocate; founded Lokenath Divine Life Mission, 1985, which serves thousands of poverty-stricken individuals in India. Received Lifetime Achievement Award, House of Lords, UK, 2015.

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