Kaypacha: Astrology for the soul January 13, 2021

(New Paradigm Astrology) Astrology for the soul January 13, 2021 – Pele report, astrology forecast.

Astrology forecast of January 13, 2021

Hola New Paradigmers!

I forgot to mention this week’s song in the Pele report, you gotta pay your dues if you wanna sing the blues, and you know It Don’t Come Easy. Life is pressing just about all of us outside our comfort zones these days, and while it can be scary, that is where the future is, the future expansion, the new ideas, intelligence, resources, and evolution. We’re getting our butts kicked right outa the park! We can hold on tight and have an amusement park ride, or you can fight and resist and be dragged along. The choice is ours.

It’s rocket-launching time, and they can be rockets of destruction or rockets of exploration. Those jumping on the rocket of exploration will go higher and higher and higher and gain a perspective that includes it ALL! The awareness can bring understanding, the understanding can bring compassion, the compassion can bring peace and calm, and the peace and calm are conducive to good health. Let’s all stay healthy, wealthy, and wise, remembering that our health is our most incredible wealth.

Oops! I meant Fukushima, not Chernobyl! A senior moment! Anyway, whether it is a planet, a nation, a church, family, or person, the same applies to all. Change is inevitable, and the soul’s desire to evolve, as unconscious as it is or not, is also unavoidable. However, our ego-consciousness often seeks security in the known and familiar, leading to pain and suffering when we outgrow our own “egg” or need to shed our old skin. This is one of those months.

This new Moon sets the tone for the entire lunar cycle (a month), so even though some of these aspects will change and let go, the overall tone is set. I just finished writing the “Lunar Planner,” which goes into more detail and has a daily guide for members of the New Paradigm Astrology Community.

The mantra for this week may be considered foreboding, but let’s not get stuck in the negative. For those who desire change and growth, WOW, do you have a “tiger in your tank!” Just as an explosion can send a bullet flying, it can also get a car moving, rocket launching, or tunnel opening. This is a month where, if you play your cards right, you can hit the jackpot. So, take that middle road by going not too fast, not too slow, not too much, and not too little, and slide right along with the natural flow, surfing the killer wave. Disfruta!

This week’s song:

This week’s song! It Don’t Come Easy by Peter Frampton

The mantra for this week:

When I refuse to change and grow,
The pressure and tension increase.
If I continue to cling to the past,
It will hurt when Life takes it from me.

About Kaypacha 

Kaypacha began studying astrology over 40 years ago. Since then, he has explored the synchronistic relationship between the cosmos and both earthly phenomena and our internal human experience of Self/Soul.

kaypachaHis diverse background includes knowledge of Evolutionary, Shamanic, and Uranian Astrology, Cosmobiology, and Esoteric studies. He has been practicing and teaching Kundalini yoga for more than ten years and has combined his knowledge of the Sabian Symbols, Tarot, meditation, breath work, and yoga to create his own unique, heart-centered astrological methods for healing and growth.

He shares the weekly “Pele Report,” a popular astrological guide on YouTube, and, while living in Costa Rica, has been offering workshops around the world for many years. He has an online community of 100’s of astrological enthusiasts and does online seminars, guest appearances, interviews, and classes regularly.

He has authored Astrology 101, 201, and 301 for students of astrology and books of his weekly mantras. His children’s (of all ages) book “What Is Love, A Journey Around the Zodiac” will soon be available. For more information, follow him on FacebookInstagramYoutube, or Spotify.

Learn astrology with Tom ‘Kaypacha’ Lescher! This e-book was originally a transcript from the 8-part live webinar series where Kaypacha teaches Basic Astrology including the houses, signs, planets, aspects, and more

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