Kaypacha: Astrology for the soul november 18, 2020

(New Paradigm Astrology) Astrology for the soul november 18, 2020 – Pele report, astrology forecast.

Astrology forecast of november 18, 2020

Dealing with the perceived harshness of life these days may lead to depressive thoughts and feelings. We may lose some of the skip out our step with the serious issues, problems and perceived cruelty of our fate. The silver lining may appear particularly thin. This Neptune in Pisces I speak of in today’s report indicates a humbling process that is now necessary to reach the other bank of the river.

Life is bigger than us, WAY BIGGER. The ego wants to fight this fact, blow itself up, control its destiny, take charge of its life. However, as we grow and mature (Jupiter/Saturn) we are more able to come to terms with life, study and learn from life, and stand in awe and wonder at the immense complexity, order, and beauty of life. Taking our place in the greater scheme of things does not necessitate feelings of powerlessness and insecurity IF we trust in the inherent goodness of life. This infinite trust allows us to totally relax into the arms of infinity, and offers us a taste of the nectar of nirvana. May this be your chosen experience!

The paradox of Neptune/Pisces is that yes we are just another brick in the wall AND no, we are not just another brick in the wall….. sit with that one……

This week’s song:

Pink Floyd: https://youtu.be/YR5ApYxkU-U

The mantra for this week:

I am free to focus upon,
Whatever I wish to grow.
I therefore choose love over fear,
As the seed I wish to sow.


Source: New Paradigm Astrology

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