Watch: Beatboxing Buddhist live loops to enchant listeners in meditative soundscape

(Educate Inspire Change | Michelle Estevez) There are many preconceived notions and myths when it comes to meditation. As we delve deeper into this current change in our societal landscape, people are taking their mental health more seriously.

 Chants and beatbox soundscapes

We’re seeing meditation become more widespread throughout the West. Japanese Buddhist Monk, Yogetsu Akasaka provides a new way to experience and immerse yourself in a meditative state through live loop chants and beatbox soundscapes. This fun yet practical approach reminds those seeking enlightenment that we are here to have fun along our journey, try new things, and be our true selves.

“After I came back from my training at the temple, I was thinking that I wanted to do music again, but I wanted to do something as a Buddhist monk as well as a musician,” Akasaka shares in South China Morning Post. “I thought maybe I can try chanting on my music.”

“In that video, I made a big decision, because I wore a very formal robe—it’s the robe we wear when we do a funeral,” he says. “It was during a serious period for the coronavirus. The reaction really motivated me to continue with this. I’d like to do it at a funeral in the future if people will accept this kind of thing.”

The response to Akasaka’s expression has been widely accepted—especially during the recent times of uncertainty. It has provided a look into the peace within as well as the inspiration in trying something new. We’re not coming out of this to return to how things were. We’re learning, remembering, and returning to the sounds of our inner light and universal truth. Akasaka’s offerings are a guide to this center.

The power of sound

“As a Buddhist, I believe people need to do meditation and experience something more than the material. What I’m actually trying to do is to make people experience something spiritual or maybe a certain state of consciousness. Live looping has the potential for that: to support the meditative state of the mind and allow people to get a spiritual feeling,” he admits.

This is a statement that can be applied to the properties of sound in general. The power of sound has the ability to penetrate through our being, shift our awareness, heal ailments, and transform our consciousness. It’s a big reason why sound healing has gained popularity over the past years. Its roots tie back to the idea of entrainment and matching your vibration to another for neutralization and healing. To blend sound with meditation and mantra is to walk fully into our mind’s eye and create a paradise within.

“Maybe as my music spreads more and more, I can help people to heal more and more. To me, if I can do that, that’s great. Ultimately, I hope I can play in front of more people, but it’s already much more than I hoped for.”

Source: Educate Inspire Change

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