In this example, perhaps we look into our past lives and recall a relationship with our partner’s past self, where they were similarly growing distant. In this lifetime, we watched them grow distant until we snapped with frustration. After we had snapped in this past life, they explained that they had been dealing with some repressed childhood traumatic memories. We just needed space. Our anger at them was the opposite of what they needed and damaged our relationship. In a second past life, we realized we talked with them about their emotional distance, compassionately expressing our concern and desire to help and understand. They shared again that they were dealing with some childhood anguish in this lifetime and that this was exactly the support they needed. Our empathy and connection deepened drastically.

Past lives hold insight for this lifetime

Through the insights from both of these past lives, we then have a clear answer of how to approach our partner currently. We know not to snap, but instead to have a clear and open dialogue with them, expressing genuine love and concern. Through past life memories, we can find the solution for a present life concern.

Our past life narratives are often more individualized and complicated than this example. However, the possibility to learn about repeating patterns and compassionate solutions is infinite and accessible. It just takes some honest discernment, evaluation, and a readiness to dive into our past lives to learn all of these important lessons. Personally transcendent meditation, or working with a trusted reader of the Akashic Record, is an amazing way to heal any issues you are facing currently.

About the author

Arien Smith works passionately with the Akashic Records to complete over 300 past-life readings. All have love, light, and healing as the focus. He shares this amazing tool through blogs and intuitive work. This shows how transformative and unique past life memories can be for each person.

Source: OMTimes

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