Stigma: A powerful short film about mental health

(Uplift) Creating space for men to reach out and get help when they need to. Societal stigma around male vulnerability and mental health makes it extremely hard for men to get help when they are struggling with life’s challenges. It seems men are treated differently when it comes to emotional issues. Too often men are told to “man up” or get over it, toughen up and stop seeking attention.

It’s far harder for men to reach out and share their feelings. Men feel they have to hold it together and put on a brave face. This puts a lot of pressure on themselves and other men, and sadly, leads to high rates of male suicide.

One man is providing a helping hand to young people dealing with mental health issues through a Facebook Page, Hills District. He says an important part of the healing process is knowing that it’s not just you, there’s nothing wrong with you and nothing to be ashamed of.

This short film shines a light on the stigma surrounding the difficulties men face when depression or other issues hit.

Source: Uplift

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