Heartwarming Thai commercial demonstrates the power of selflessness

(Global Heart | Esther Haasnoot) What a man receives by giving – Touching commercial!

“Unsung Hero”

Who knew an advertisement for Thai Life Insurance could evoke such strong emotion? This heartwarming commercial titled “Unsung Hero,” follows a good Samaritan, from watering a dying potted plant, helping an elderly street vendor, feeding a stray hungry dog, leaving bananas for an elderly neighbor, giving money to a poor young girl – At first, it appears he gets nothing in return, he won’t be richer, and he won’t be famous.

Heartwarming Thai commercial

But his selflessness is repaid by the rewarding feeling of helping others. He sees the power of his action – the girl is going to school, the plant is growing, the stray dog is following him home.  What he does receive are emotions. He witnesses happiness. Reaches a deeper understanding. Feels the love and receives what money can’t buy. By his actions he made the world more beautiful. The love he gives and receives will make you reevaluate what’s truly important in life.

Source: Shift

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