My revolution lives in this body

(Uplift) Women everywhere are answering the call to stand up, speak out and rise.

My revolution lives in this body

There’s a fire burning in the bellies of women. We’ve had enough…of being disregarded, used, abused, of being afraid, of not living on our own terms. A revolution is burning through the shackles of control, abuse and disempowerment. For too long we’ve been ignored, our voices strangled, our wisdom overlooked. But no more.

Women everywhere are feeling the calling in their cells, the time is now, and sisters everywhere are stepping up, raising their voices and uniting their hearts. Our wisdom is needed more than ever. Our planet needs the voice of the feminine, and the ways of the feminine: compassion, kindness, strength, vulnerability, connection and the nurturing of life.

Join the revolution, feel the calling as you watch this beautiful piece written by Eve Ensler, Creator of the Vagina Monologues, and performed by Rosario Dawson.

Women from ALL over the world are gathering in circles on March 8th for International Women’s Day. You can join the event here.

Source: Uplift

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