Raising a wild one

(Collectively Conscious) It’s a challenge raising a spirited child, but also a blessing, deep down inside we know as adults they will cope well, but society doesn’t approve of them now, too much to handle, they say…

Raising a wild one

My son is 8 years old now, and he has me in awe every single day. His determination, his imagination, how incredibly sharp his mind is. But, then there are days where I struggle to cope with his high energy and find myself yelling or getting upset when he demands attention.

One thing I have learnt is that fighting with my wild one does no good, he only pushes harder and tests my boundaries even more. It’s really tough, and I find myself wishing I had been given a “good boy”.

But he has too much to teach me, no matter how much I want to pull my hair out some days, I have to take a step back and realise how lucky I actually am, he is naturally independent, compassionate and determined, his will and drive and sheer perseverance will be a gift as he becomes an adult, while the others struggle to find their place and navigate the world, my wild one will follow his heart, just as he always has.

So what do we with wild children need to do? What are our jobs as parents? To guide instead of try shape them into what society says they should be. Of course, this is easier said than done, isn’t it!?

Guide instead of try to shape them

I have tried positive and negative reinforcement, and I can’t tell you either has worked very well. Sometimes it works, but the reality is that they are already ahead of us, so unless we are a few steps ahead, predicting, they know our ways and methods. We need to adapt to them.

Our ideals and societies brainwashing us into trying to raise perfect children. It’s not even slightly possible with a wild one! Forget schedules and hard routines!

School has been tough, while my son loves to learn, his energy is too high for the classroom. He gets distracted and uses his determination to distract his classmates instead of focusing on the task at hand. and this worries me sometimes, as while I am against the system, his education is still important in this life.

My wild one is up at the crack of dawn and running around, cleaning his room, making himself breakfast, feeding the cats and ready for school all before I even wake up and get out of bed. After a day of school and sport he comes home, plays soccer with his dad, runs around some more and still by 10pm I hear him playing with the cats in his room when he should be sleeping. He has instant, seemingly everlasting energy.

Wild one’s are misunderstood

Wild one’s are misunderstood and they spend every day trying to help us understand them. They will argue their opinions and never give in, but they will also laugh louder, hug tighter and love harder.

Every wild one is very unique in his or her own quirky ways. They all, however, share many traits and love to move and talk at every opportunity they get. They speak their mind and are not afraid of anything. So many people see it as a defiance of authority but adults forget that they are people too. Little people with knowledge beyond their years.

As a parent of a wild one, I urge you to stop allowing society to define you and your child, allow them to be, experience and learn on their own. It’s just how they do it. While other parents on the playground need to hold their little one’s hand up onto a swing, your wild one will run full out towards the highest ladder and climb without a second thought. Embrace the courage and allow it to flourish. Show them the way but allow them to choose the path and trust them to make good choices. Hug your child and love them with just as much love and appreciation they have for you, remember to give yourself a break so that you are able to keep up with your wild ones high energy, and then be ready to learn as your wild one teaches you how to let go and be free and be wild too.

Source: Collectively Conscious

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