Healing with Ho’oponopono

(Humanity Healing) Ho’oponopono is a healing tool that can help clear children of the limiting beliefs, self-sabotage instincts, emotional blocks, and negative memories.

Every time a child is saved from the dark side of life, every time one of us makes an effort to create a difference in a child’s life, we add light and healing to our own lives.

~ Oprah Winfrey

Using Ho’oponopono to heal children

The moment a child is born, so are her parents. It’s a new and challenging path. As much as everyone wants to get it right, the parents’ unconscious blockages and fears are often reflected in their children.

The practice of Ho’oponopono for children can help cure these obstructions. As the children learn to cleanse themselves of these unconscious and unworthy parental teachings and assimilations when they acquired some self-knowledge.

Ho'oponopono healing

Difficulties between parents and children may be felt for generations

The way our parents raised us can dramatically influence the formation of our personality. When not worked out properly, parenting problems tend to appear in the adult’s personal and affective life – and change how we become parents. Even if you read all about being a good parent, first-time parents’ inexperience and the influences of our upbringing always speak louder.

The fact that we were influenced by our parents’ upbringing is not always wrong, of course. But it is noteworthy that in family therapies, children’s fears and problems are linked to their parents and the way they were raised (and unconsciously passed on to their children).

Attitude is more important than lesson

Have you heard that “A son that doesn’t follow counsel, will follow the example”? It is true. Up to 7 years old, children unconsciously reproduce what you DO, not what you SAY. Hence, children act with challenging issues for parents from early childhood: highlighting their shortcomings and shortcomings.

How so?

For example, the father complains to the psychologist that the child is stubborn, has a tantrum, and does not want to share her playmates’ toys. In a more in-depth conversation with his father, the psychologist realizes that he is overly attached to his ideas. He has difficulty accepting other opinions attached to material goods, dogmas, and truths that he considers absolute. Finally, the child only reproduces these same characteristics in her child-like form.

Another typical case is when a child starts vomiting without explanation. If the parents experience significant emotional instability at home, It is a problem. Suppose they fight a lot in front of their child or show agitation. In that case, the children may react to vomiting because they cannot understand or “digest” what is happening. This may be their way of demonstrating this is by ejecting food from their stomach.

How can ho’oponopono be used to help children?

Ho'oponopono healing

Ho’oponopono is a healing tool that can help clear children’s limiting beliefs. I can also help them rid of self-sabotage instincts, emotional blocks, and negative memories they may have as an imprint. Inadvertently sometimes we transmit these impressions to our children.

The Ho’oponopono method is to practice 4 powerful phrases:

“I love you. I’m sorry. Forgive me. I am grateful”.

By speaking these phrases with our children, we can (unconsciously) clear them of all the pain, discomfort. Fears we carry within us so that they realize that their parents can also be wrong too. They do not have to absorb everything from their parents as if it were always absolute Truths. Parents need to take care of their own unconscious and to be aware that their unconscious content can passively pass to their child.

The rule is that past painful memories need to be released. Childhood traumas, pains, fears, rebukes accumulate within our being, need to be clear by saying to ourselves:

“I’m so sorry. Forgive me. Love you. I’m grateful (the)…….”

You can tell them out loud or in silence, as you feel more comfortable doing so.

When and how to apply ho’oponopono to children?

There is no appropriate number of times, timeframe, or age. There are no contraindications to this method, only if the child doesn’t develop any adverse symptoms.

The idea is to make the routine a constant, daily cleansing of negative memories, bring unconscious feelings to consciousness, and prevent them from becoming symptoms of blockages and ancestral fears.

Practicing ho’oponopono should not bring guilt to parents

Seeing our children reproducing symptoms and attitudes resulting from our own behavior can bring parents the feeling of guilt. But this is not the idea behind Ho’oponopono. The idea is to bring awareness that we transmit these memories to our children and that it is possible to clear and heal them from ourselves and our children. It is why it is important to start self-healing early on. Have you healed yourself up today? I’m sorry, forgive me, I love you, I’m grateful.

Source: Humanity Healing

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