Making peace with the feminine struggle

(OMTimes |Elohim Yael) The heart of the inner feminine struggle

The tale of Abraham, Hagar, Sarah brings us straight to the heart of the inner feminine struggle – as explained in the former article, ‘The Heart of the Feminine Struggle.’ Their figures tell us about sacrificing, victimizing and being offended. They show us a pattern of protection at the same time.

When facing the underlying behavior and emotions of this pattern and when reconnecting with these, we can make peace with the inner feminine struggle. Only then we become aware of these wounded parts, bring them back into our conscious, and start healing them. This will bring back ownership of the feminine and empower the feminine, within each of us, and collectively.


The pattern of protection

Our previous article on the heart of the feminine struggle captured how Hagar and Sarah struggled with their position of wife and mother. It also clarified how, in her struggle with the masculine-oriented system, Lilith felt restricted in her freedom. She chose to escape this reality. Consequently, she limited her connection with the masculine and with the other part of the feminine (which has two parts). The choices and behavior of Lilith, Sarah and Hagar further show how, somehow, they felt the only way out was to set conditions. They believed these to be necessary to secure their position and their experience of freedom.

Unable to recognize that despite a different position or experience, they could still be who they were, in essence. They stepped out of the wholeness of the feminine. Furthermore, they did not realize it was themselves, the feminine, that conditioned their relationship to the masculine. In a way, these women’s choices reflect fear to be left alone or fear of losing their position and essence. This fear indicates that somehow, they did not trust there was enough room or love for them to feel safe. It reveals a lack of confidence in both themselves and the masculine. The inability to see this drama and step out of it, caused both parts of the feminine to stay in the comfort zone of being victimized.


Coming clean with the feminine

Time passed, and the masculine predominated the (social) system and structures. It also became harder and harder to see what truly caused the appeared distance. In the current times of bringing back clarity and transparency by throwing light on deeper layers, we are now in the position to set things straight again and take back ownership of the lost feminine. To this end, we take responsibility for all of aspects that are part of the feminine, the good, the lesser and the sorrow. We see through all that happened – the deep inner shadow – and come clean with it.

By exposing the pattern of protection against the wrong done, the tale of Hagar and Sarah also enables us to see the underlying emotions and reconnect with these. Hagar and Sarah symbolize the digesting of the effects that the turn the feminine brought upon herself. They invite us to face this deeper layer within our inner feminine. This layer reflects anger and sorrow and involves self-condemnation about the feminine’s responsibility for the removal with both the masculine and herself. By acknowledging and allowing these deeper emotions back into ourselves, we can heal our inner feminine, also collectively.

When the feminine in us is truly able to face her shadow and reconnect with all her deeper emotions, this will reveal the true and sacred wisdom of creation. We explain this in the final article, ‘The Divine Feminine and the Return of Sacred Wisdom of Creation’.


About the author

Through her articles and gatherings, Yael reminds us of unconditional compassion. This is an important step on the path towards living in harmony. She invites you to experience a deep connection with both yourself and the whole as heartily as possible. Yael embodies the Elohim essence. This means she is connected to the universe from a clear awareness of harmony and unity.

Source: OMTimes

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