The spiritual meaning of the 8 lunar phases

(OMTimes) There are spiritual meanings associated with each of the lunar phases – some explained by science, some by faith and other sets of beliefs.

Spiritual meanings of lunar phases

The Moon, the natural satellite of planet Earth, carries countless meanings for different cultures. However, interpreted in relation to its position with the Sun, the Moon almost universally represents femininity, passivity, fertility, periodicity, and renewal.

From this, it can be seen that the affinity women have with the Moon dates back to cultures and times immemorial.

In an eternal cycle of growth, the Moon mirrors the sunlight and crosses four main visible phases of the Earth – New moon, Crescent, Full and Last Quarter. Only, the Moon’s influence on men has already been thought of even by philosophers such as Aristotle and continues to be investigated by researchers who associate its phases with the capacity for human reproduction, emotional states, and mental illnesses.

Effectively the Moon takes about 29.5 days to travel around the Earth. It is during this rotation that we see its various lunar phases. Each main phase occurs about 7.4 days apart. There are spiritual meanings associated with each of these lunar phases – some explained by science, others by faith, and by different sets of beliefs.

The spiritual meaning of each phase


The New Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are on the same side of the Earth. Since the Sun is not facing the Moon, from our perspective on Earth, it appears that the dark side of the Moon is facing us.

Spiritually speaking, this is the time to start over.

The beginning of a new cycle. It is time to take advantage of renewed energies, like the Moon, to move forward with projects that had been stalled due to the lack of capacity to carry them forward.

Renewing, on the other hand, also means the practice of letting go. Getting rid of old things that don’t support growth is critical.

At this moment, time should be used for introspection and consequent evaluation of what you want to do with your life.

Honestly, acknowledging your feelings and working out how to experience them is recommended.


When the Sun starts to approach the New Moon, it starts to light up again. The Crescent Moon then appears, but it is still less than half-lit.

The crescent moon is the time to set the intention for change. Spiritually, it is the period when all the fruit of the reflection of the new Moon must be placed as the focus of action.

A beneficial exercise is to make a wish list and associate images with them, maybe even a mind map.

The crescent moon allows us to harness energies in order to solidify the bases for the realization of our desires in concrete material bases. It is at this stage that new projects start. But, first, design everything you want for yourself.


The Moon reaches the Crescent Quarter one week after the New Moon. Therefore, the first half Moon after the New Moon is called the Crescent Quarter because, at that point, the Moon is a quarter of the way through its monthly cycle of phases.

Faced with the desire to start projects, obstacles will not be rare between your objective and the path to be followed until then. So, this is the time to act. The energies of this period are favorable for action. It’s time to make decisions. The hardest part of a project is taking the first step, and the Crescent Moon is spiritually the most favorable phase.

Remember that you took time to reflect on who you are and what you want. He focused on desires and visualized where he wanted to go. Still, it is necessary to overcome inertia by deciding, acting. Take advantage of this period to make it viable but remember flexibility and resilience can be the key to carrying out projects.


A Gibbous Crescent Moon is a short distance away from becoming a Full Moon. This Moon is easily seen during the day, as a large part of it is illuminated.

The energies of this phase of the Moon are conducive to re-evaluating previously proposed goals. It is time to analyze the steps taken so far, observing whether the path meets your goals. It is necessary to realize that the chosen path does not always lead to the point we need to reach. The most important thing is not to feel defeated if something is out of the blueprint.

The way to deal with this period is to see clearly and sincerely whether the effort so far has kept you on track. If the path is too far, re-route. If the feeling is to change, listen to your intuition and follow a new path.


A Full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are on opposite sides of the Earth. Since the Sun is directly in front of the Moon, the light illuminates it completely, making the Moon look completely full on Earth.

Each Full Moon has a different name with a special significance, for example, the Harvest Moon – t is at this stage of the Moon that farmers traditionally harvest their produce. It is a time of opposites, according to astrology. In this period, Moon and Sun occupy opposite zodiacal signs. Therefore, tensions are highlighted, increasing imbalances.

At this stage, it is very important to recognize the fruits of all the work developed so far from self-analysis.

It is here that the individual will be able to clearly observe the results of its planning. It’s a time of opportunity. Embrace the positive energies of results, even bad ones, because they will unequivocally enhance the journey.


After a Full Moon, the Moon starts to become dim again, decreasing towards the last quarter of the Moon to become the New Moon again.

Given the spiritual moment surrounding this lunar phase, the best thing to do is give thanks. Thank you for learning opportunities in the face of challenges, changes along the way, and results obtained. The energies during this period are all focused on gratitude, not just for the good things but also for the bad things that could be overcome.

The success of a project is not individual, even if your idea was conceived in this way. The results obtained result from a sum of factors that, when combined in the best way, lead to the expected results. It is an ideal time to express your gratitude to everyone around you, especially those who have committed to your projects and given you emotional support. Promote dinners, give away gifts, but try not to overdo it.


The last quarter of the Moon is the inverse process of the first quarter, going back to another New Moon. After a Full Moon, the Moon fades to a waning gibbous and passes to its last quarter.

The action verb of this phase is to release. We cling to certain habits and people throughout the growth process, but we don’t need to be that way.

It’s time to let go. Do a mental clean. Purify yourself spiritually, try to take a vacation, visit places of abundant nature and use the energies of this moment to get rid of accumulated energies that tend to become harmful.

Clean out your closet, donate old clothes, exercise generosity because letting go of old habits and objects is also a gesture of generosity, but with oneself.

Be vigilant with your eating habits and seek balance in all areas of your life. So often, the weight we carry is emotional and is intimately connected with routines that we create based on the needs we suffer. Unfortunately, these patterns are immediately reflected in what we eat.


The fraction of the Moon that is lit is decreasing on its way to becoming a New Moon.

A new cycle is approaching, and there is nothing to fear. Men are beings in constant movement, with changing energy and in constant learning. Evaluate your trajectory and be ready for a new stage. Prepare body and soul for new projects.

A good tip is to assess which relationships and projects need to end. One is not prepared to start again without certain situations being fully overcome. Relax and trust the magic of the new. Soon it will be time to start over. Spring of the soul!

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